Married at First Sight update: Miles Williams reveals separation from Karen Landry

MAFS Season 11 couple Karen Landry and Miles Williams
Karen Landry and Miles Williams are separated. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s a love story that we hoped would have a fairytale ending but it’s not looking good for Married at First Sight, Season 11 couple, Karen Landry and Miles Williams.

We saw the signs several months ago that something was amiss when they stopped posting photos and videos with each other on social media.

Karen’s last photo with Miles was back in July of 2022 when they appeared at the Essence Festival.

Ironically, this year’s staging of the Essence Festival in New Orleans is where Miles just confirmed that he and Karen are separated.

Karen and Miles are both at the event again this year, but unlike last year when they joined a couple’s panel, this time Miles was solo when he dished about their broken marriage.

Curios MAFS fans have been asking the couple about the status of their relationship, but they have not responded to any of the queries.

MAFS star Miles Williams confirms separation from Karen Landry

Miles was on a panel for Shea Moisture along with a group of men at Essence Festival over the weekend, and he made a surprising confession.

It’s unclear what the main topic of discussion was about, but the MAFS star opened up about marriage and some personal experiences.

“There’s a lot of different stress that happens that you didn’t anticipate…” said Miles. “So on the flip side, at the same time, I was dealing with separation in my marriage, and so both of those things individually are very difficult.”

He also noted, “You’re gonna make decisions out of love that are really tough, and that can still hurt people.”

Those tough decisions are seemingly about his marriage to Karen, which we saw play out on the show.

Karen and Miles weathered the storm on MAFS in Season 11

The couple had some rough patches in the beginning, and while Miles was totally committed, Karen had a lot of reservations about being matched with Miles.

While it took some time for her to come around, eventually the couple started to grow together, and viewers were happy when they decided to stick things out on Decision Day.

Karen and Miles were among the last two couples still standing from their season as their friends Woody and Amani Randall are still going strong–and recently announced their second child on the way.

However, while the Randalls’ love story continues, this could be the end for Miles and Karen–although there’s still a glimmer of hope if the pair have not yet filed for divorce.

Meanwhile, Karen is yet to make a public statement about the separation, and she still has the last name “Williams” on her Instagram bio.

Does that mean there’s some hope of reconciliation for the couple? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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Steve G
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she doesn’t want a wimpy feminine dude

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I hope so i thought they were good for each other. Patience Karen he’s see.s to be a good dude