MAFS Where Are They Now: Briana and Vincent are house hunting, Ryan and Clara make plans to renew their vows

Ryan and Clara sit on their tan couch while listening to Dr. Pepper
Ryan and Clara listen intently to Dr. Pepper’s words of wisdom. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight gave fans a two hour update on where the Season 12 cast members are four months after filming.

While most of the cast appears to be thriving or regaining their sanity in some way, the two couples that appear to be on the best track with each other are Briana and Vincent and Ryan and Clara, who both are planning a big next step for their new life as a family.

Briana and Vincent almost find their dream home

On top of continuing on in their couple’s health regimen that includes boxing and beet juice, Briana and Vincent are also searching for a new house. They currently live in Vincent’s small one-bedroom apartment and Briana is eager for more space.

The couple met up with their realtor and Vince’s good friend, who made a few appearances during their season, to look at a nice four bedroom house in the suburbs.

Briana expressed that her ideal house would include a jacuzzi and a walk-in closet. As was shown on the show, Briana has a packed closet and admitted to spending hundreds of dollars on clothes a month when she and Vincent discussed their contrasting views on budget.

Briana and Vincent really loved the house they toured but, while they could envision themselves raising a family in this house, they also knew that a big con would be the location. Briana, who recently turned 29, hopes to have a home they can settle down in long term, as they enter a new decade soon.

The house that they toured is located in an area that would require a long commute for both of them, with Briana working as an engineer and Vincent recently working for Mercedes and furthering his car business goals.

When commenting on the home, Briana stated, “It’s the perfect home but not the perfect location.” and the two eventually decided that they’ll need to keep hunting for homes that can fit all their needs, including location.

Briana and Vincent still like to do thoughtful things for each other, just like they did during their 8-week experiment. Briana made Vince his favorite salmon dinner when he got home from work and the two discussed their vision for the next year, five years, and ten years.

In a year, the couple expects to be fully moved into a new home and traveling. In five years, the two picture themselves with children.

Briana and Vincent’s thoughts towards children has swapped

Interestingly during the bulk of Season 12, Briana expressed on multiple occasions that having kids and specifically birthing them was a big fear of hers.

However, the tides have turned because Briana is now even more eager for kids than Vincent. Vincent still wants three kids but perhaps further down the line and Briana would be happy to have four kids total and welcome a baby in the near future.

Briana and Vincent are excited to potentially be in a new house within the next two months and plan to amp up their search for their dream home. The couple is crossing their fingers with hope that they will be together forever.

Ryan and Clara hope a vow renewal will bring them closer together

Since filming, Ryan and Clara have been preoccupied with planning their New Years Eve vow renewal. The renewal is an event in which they’ve invited the entire Season 12 cast, although they doubt all eight will show up due to remaining tensions between the two divorced couples.

Finances have been the main issue surrounding their wedding, with Clara wanting to respect Ryan’s desire for a low cost and economical wedding, so much so that she was willing to put away her desire for a $3500 dollar wedding dress.

Ryan and Clara also took a look at an $8,000 dollar venue and, in their discussion on spending, Clara revealed that the pair have yet to merge their finances.

Ryan makes significantly more than Clara and is also the more frugal of the two. Clara made it clear that Ryan is not cheap but he is frugal and would question pricey purchases.

Clara’s craftiness comes in handy

Fortunately, Clara is thrifty and plans to DIY most of the décor for their black and gold themed wedding.

Throughout the series, Clara had expressed her passion for crafts and even took Ryan on a pottery date. The couple hope her artsy DIY skills will help them stay under budget.

Clara says she’s excited because they have far more control over this wedding than their MAFS wedding, and she’s adamant that this wedding will not include blindfolds like their last one.

The two still have different house cleaning methods, with Ryan noting that folding is “not his jam”, but the couple does appear comfortable living in Ryan’s home together, something Clara had previously expressed concern about.

During Ryan and Clara’s chat, Clara stated that the main wedding must-have is a cake that they can have more than one bite of, which makes sense for the lovable self-proclaimed Donut Queen.

Clara did ask Ryan if this more traditional wedding means she’s getting a “big ol’ diamond ring” from Ryan. Ryan smirked and slyly said “We’ll see” and MAFS fans of the couple will be eager to see as well if Clara is rocking a new diamond ring anytime soon.

Either way, this couple continues to try and make their marriage work and move at their own pace.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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