MAFS viewers slam Paige Banks after her appearance on Decision Day Dish special 

Paige Banks
Paige Banks receives flak after returning to the Married at First SIght franchise. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight brought back familiar faces within the franchise for this week’s Decision Day Dish special.

Among the alumni was Paige Banks, who married the notorious Chris Williams on Married at First Sight Season 12.

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to question why Paige was on the alumni panel after the questionable decision-making she exhibited in her own problematic MAFS marriage.

MAFS viewers criticize Paige Banks’ marriage expertise

Paige Banks’ recent MAFS appearance stirred up several reactions from viewers, who didn’t hold back with their thoughts. 

MAFS Season 14 star Olajuwon Dickerson has often been compared to Paige’s ex-husband Chris Willaims due to some of their toxic views on marriage and control. Viewers have also felt that Paige and Katina were similar in that they appeared too passive in their relationships. 

One MAFS critic found it odd that Paige would speak on Katina and Olajuwon’s marriage during the special, writing, “The irony of Paige having all this advice for Katina.” 

Another commenter questioned why Paige was on the panel after continually going back to Chris, tweeting, “[Paige’s] husband called her ugly multiple times, got his ex pregnant on national television and she kept goin back! Why is she here?” 

A MAFS critic shared their scathing thoughts on the MAFS special and added, “WHYYY would anybody want to hear from Paige? Like..we SAW her decision making with Chris.”

One MAFS viewer wrote, “Paige don’t sit up here saying Liquor Lindsey is a better woman than u dealing with the pest control issues, etc. etc. You dealt with a lot as well. Don’t downplay yourself!!!” 

Echoing similar sentiments, a MAFS critic shared, “Smh they got they getting advice from Paige #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight she couldn’t even leave her disaster of a marriage.” 

Paige Banks receives encouragement from fans 

While Paige’s return to the franchise appeared to be primarily scrutinized, she did receive some compliments and positivity online. 

One MAFS fan expressed feeling happy that Paige seemed to glow up after her exhausting marriage to Chris Williams. The fan wrote, “Look at Paige looking better than ever.” 

Another MAFS viewer gave Paige props, tweeting, “This new self-assured Paige is everything. She is not the same person she was before. I love to see the increased self-confidence. Ok then, sis!”

After being in arguably the most upsetting and problematic marriage within the MAFS franchise, Paige is now in better spirits. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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