MAFS viewers compare Olajuwon to notorious Chris Williams, question why experts chose him

Olajuwon Dickerson in a suit
Married at First Sight viewers think the experts made a big mistake by selecting Olajuwon Dickerson. Pic credit: Lifetime

Each season of Married at First Sight tends to have one cast member that becomes the main villain of the season, and it seems Married at First Sight Season 14 star Olajuwon Dickerson could be this season’s most notorious cast member.

During the Married at First Sight Season 14 premiere, Olajuwon rubbed MAFS viewers the wrong way with his various antics and misogynistic statements. 

Olajuwon’s shocking and questionable behavior has led MAFS viewers to question how the experts could deem him qualified for marriage, as his many red flags suggest he is not at all ready to be married. 

Based on Olajuwon’s first impressions during the premiere, MAFS viewers are even comparing Olajuwon to arguably the most problematic MAFS husband of all time Married at First Sight Season 12 villain, Chris Williams. 

Is Olajuwon Dickerson the next Chris Williams?

On Married at First Sight Season 12, Chris Williams became hated amongst MAFS viewers due to his continuously appalling behavior towards his wife Paige Banks as well as those around him. 

During his season, Chris slept with Paige several times despite not being attracted to her, got another woman pregnant just a few months prior to getting married, and manipulated and shaded Paige at every turn to name a few. Eventually, Chris acknowledged his poor behavior and apologized.

While Chris’ behavior was incredibly disappointing and hard to watch, it seems the show might not have learned their lesson and cast yet another man who desires his wife to be a “submissive freak” and is not ready to put their player days behind them. 

Olajuwon raised red flags early in the episode when he expressed that a woman who won’t cook for him is “not a wife.” Olajuwon also shared that he is nicknamed the “Facebook crook” because he meets so many women on Facebook and doesn’t always tell them his real name. 

During the Bachelor party, Olajuwon got quite intimate with the stripper and expressed that the strip club is his natural habitat. His friends and family had to often remind him to be more open-minded and serious about marriage. 

MAFS viewers were less than impressed with Olajuwon’s behavior and took to social media to air out their thoughts.

One MAFS viewer shared a photo of Olajuwon and the stripper at the Bachelor party, writing, “Olajuwon you are so gross sir!”

Another MAFS fan felt confused about how Olajuwon could want both a traditional wife and a wife that would attend the strip club with him. 

Drawing comparisons to Chris Williams, a MAFS viewer wrote, “Are we about to have another f**kboy Chris this season??” 

MAFS viewers question what the experts saw in Olajuwon 

While Olajuwon could surprise people and step up as a husband, he seems to have only been cast to cause drama and bring in ratings so far. 

Chris Wiliams’s casting led MAFS viewers to greatly question the experts’ decision-making, and Olajuwon seems to further expose that the experts overlook serious flaws in their candidates. 

One MAFS fan wrote, “Wondering what Olajuwon put on his application to be selected.” 

Another MAFS viewer wrote, “Olajuwon is a menace why did the experts pick this man.”

Another MAFS fan took time to think about how Olajuwon’s red flags and immaturity will impact his future wife Katina and wondered why the experts would force Katina to be matched with a player who may have even slept with someone she knows. 

Like Chris, Olajuwon is showing a lot of red flags early on and time will tell if he continues to be as toxic as he appeared in the premiere. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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