MAFS: Chris Williams slams Paige Banks for discussing his ex-fiancee’s pregnancy on MAFS kickoff special

MAFS star Chris Williams calls out Paige Banks for lying about pregnancy situation
Chris Williams blast Paige Banks again. Pic credit: Lifetime

Controversial Married at First Sight star Chris Williams is slamming Paige Banks after her recent appearance on the kickoff special for Season 13. It has become the norm for Chris to lash out at his castmates and over the past few weeks, many of them have felt his wrath including, Erik Lake, Virginia Coombs, and Jacob Harder.

However, Chris’s latest target is Paige because she mentioned his ex-fiancee Mercedes and their unborn child during the MAFS: Kicking Off Houston special, which aired on Wednesday.

Chris Williams slams Paige Banks

The Married at First Sight star claims that he doesn’t watch the show, but he must’ve heard that his name was brought up during the recent special and he wasn’t happy about it!

Chris took to his Instagram Stories to vent his anger and wrote in one post, “I AM PISSED. I was told that some stuff was said about myself on Season 13 matchmaking special! I am not happy at all!”

In another post be blasted Paige after she spoke out about the pregnancy and eventual miscarriage that played out with his ex-fiance Mercedes. “First of all why tf are we still talking about the baby situation!” questioned Chris. “What woman asks another woman if they actually think another woman is pregnant?”

He then went on to accuse Paige of lying after she claimed on the kickoff special that she still doesn’t know if Mercedes really was pregnant.

“Paige, you clearly are a liar!… I showed you the pregnancy test, other supporting details, etc. You saw first hand that she was actually pregnant.” wrote Chris. “A miscarriage for a woman is one [of] the toughest things a woman can go through and for you and this wack show to keep reliving it is bulls**t.”

He also made it clear, “It doesn’t f**king matter if you think it was real or not. The s**t was real and affected real people.”

Chris Williams lashes out at Paige Banks again
Pic credit:@chriswilliamsii/Instagram

What did Paige Banks say about Mercedes?

In case you’re wondering what Paige said on the MAFS: Kicking Off Houston special that got Chris so upset we’re about to get into that.

Paige and her Season 12 castmate Haley Harris joined Married at First Sight reunion host Kevin Frazier along with a panel of media journalists to dish on the new batch of couples joining the show. However, there were also discussions about last season.

Paige was asked if she thought Chris’s ex, Mercedes was ever really pregnant.

“To be very honest that’s…such a sensitive topic, I can’t confirm I can’t deny. Your guess is just as good as mine at this point,” responded Paige.

Kevin Frazier also asked if she thought “Chris used Mercedes as an out.”

“Yeah, that I will say, yes,” remarked the Married at First Sight star. “Now she could’ve really been pregnant and it was just like, ‘this is my getaway card’ for real, but a hundred percent.”

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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