MAFS: Paige Banks explains why she agreed to have a sit down with Chris Williams’ pregnant ex-fiancee

Paige explains why she decided to sit down with Chris and his pregnant ex-fiancee. Pic credit: Lifetime

This season of Married of First Sight in Atlanta has been like no other experiment yet.

While singles sign up in hopes of finding their expertly matched forever partner, it’s clear Paige Banks got the short end of the stick.

Although her intended suitor, Chris Williams, seemed great on paper, he came with a lot of baggage that even the experts weren’t aware of.

While their issues started with attraction, it would only be a few days till Chris dropped the biggest bombshell in MAFS history – a pregnant ex-fiancee.

Paige explains why she agreed to a sitdown with Chris Williams ex-fiancee

While Paige was willing to be a ‘bonus parent’ to the child, Chris ultimately decided he wanted to pursue things with his future child’s mother. To clear the air, Chris decided to hold a meeting between the two women in his life.

In an interview with Ebony, Paige dishes on exactly why she agreed to talk to Chris’s ex-fiancee.

“I was never interested in meeting with Chris’s ex-fiance. There was no curiosity or intrigue in it for me in the least. The only reason I even agreed to the sit down is out of respect to the process,” she told the media outlet.

“This meeting had nothing to do with Chris. I’ve made it very clear that I’m committed to the MAFS experience and to the journey – and that’s the only reason I accepted Chris’ invite to meet the soon-to-be mother of his child.”

Paige was exactly the person the experiment called for – someone dedicated to being married. Unfortunately for her – her match wasn’t.

Fans are starting to turn their backs on Paige

Paige was a MAFS fan-favorite at the beginning of the season but viewers are starting to on her.

While she had the unfortunate luck of getting matched with Chris Williams, her decision to continue giving him chances has fans in an uproar.

Aware of the comments calling her a ‘doormat’, she responded, “No one takes the time to really sit on the fact that coming into this process I really respected the ideals and values of marriage and wanted something like that on my own.”

In another shocking surprise, Chris recently revealed on social media that his ex-fiancee Mercedes had suffered a miscarriage a little less than 2 months after the surprising revelation.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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