MAFS viewers root for Katina Goode to say ‘no’ on Decision Day

Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode
Katina Goode has a big decision on the Married at First Sight Season 14 finale. Pic credit: Lifetime

Katina Goode has been through a lot with her MAFS husband, Olajuwon Dickerson.

Many Married at First Sight viewers have voiced their disapproval of Olajuwon, primarily due to his seemingly misogynistic view of marriage.

With Decision Day fast approaching, MAFS fans flocked to Twitter to voice their desire for Katina to say no to Olajuwon on Decision Day.

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MAFS viewers want Katina Goode to divorce Olajuwon Dickerson

MAFS viewers made their voices loud and clear when it came to their hopes for Katina on Decision Day.

One fan tweeted, “I really hope #MAFS Katina says NO on decision day. And that she says it before Olajuwon dumps her. Either way I’m afraid she’s going to be devastated. She deserved a better and kinder man.” 

The tweet was in response to another viewer who expressed, “Katina deserves better than a man that breaks her down once a week.” 

Another viewer expressed their fear that Olajuwon would only cause damage and destruction to Katina, writing, “He is going to ruin her, break her down and destroy her self esteem..the proof is already in her appearance: she’s such a beautiful young lady and now she looking haggard and tired. Katina, please say no!!!” 

A viewer suggested that Olajuwon questions Katina like she’s in a job interview and beckoned Katina to stand up for herself. The viewer penned, “How Ola don’t have any lingering questions for Katina but he keeps her in a perpetual interview with this man. Girl, STANDUP!” 

MAFS viewers think Katina Goode has aged in her marriage 

Other comments focused on how much Katina appears to have aged and lost her spark throughout her short marriage to Olajuwon. Viewers felt her visibly worn-down appearance indicated that Katina should ask for a divorce. 

One fan wrote, “Katina has aged 15 years in one month being married to Olajuwon. Girl. Leave him!!!!” 

Another viewer shared a tweet with an exhausted photo of Katina as they wrote, “Katina…please look at yourself…you look dead inside…If you’re like this after only 8 weeks, what will you be like after 8 months, 8 years?” 

While many are eager for Katina to divorce Olajuwon, some fear that she will say yes on Decision Day. 

A MAFS critic tweeted, “Katina stay patting that wig and crying every time she’s stressed out .. I wanna feel sorry for her but she keeps letting that man abuse her every week just leave him already.”

Another MAFS viewer wrote, “Katina is going to stay with this man and I…”

Do you predict Katina Goode will choose to stay married or get a divorce on the Married at First Sight Season 14 finale?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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