MAFS update: Woody’s Instagram is a tribute to how much he loves Amani

Amani and Woody definitely became one of the top couples ever in the franchise. Pic Credit: Lifetime

One of the best success stories to come out of this season of Married at First Sight was the relationship between Woody Randall and Amani Aliyya.

This season, set in New Orleans, brought viewers three successfully matched couples that are still married to this day.

Amani and Woody had instant chemistry on their wedding day and their emotional connection followed shortly after. Both admitted to having strong feelings early on and Woody joked around with the idea of a honeymoon baby.

Unlike other couples on the season, intimacy was never a problem for these two. However, it was important for Amani to develop a friendship with her husband that wasn’t dependent on physical attraction.

It’s safe to say the experts nailed it with these two. Woody appreciates Amani’s blunt honesty and Amani loves that she can be herself around him.

Although they were thrown into the longest experiment in MAFS history, it only brought them closer and taught them how to lean on each other in stressful situations.

Their decision was obvious

Although Amani teased Woody with divorce, there was no question of what this couple’s choice on Decision Day would be.

Woody had viewers in tears as he presented Amani with a ring at the reunion to symbolize his growing love for her.

After getting on one knee, he says, “I know the show gave you a ring, but I think that you’ll care more about it because it’s actually from me for my reasoning.”

Woody has never been shy about displaying his love for his new wife. His Instagram is filled with cute photos of his new wife and it’s clear that the newlyweds are very happy.

Fans can’t get enough of the couple


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Fans can’t get enough of the love between Woody and Amani.

MAFS alum Deonna McNeill expressed her congratulations to the couple, writing, “???? Y’all betta be out here killing the game! Congrats!!!”

Almost everyone is rooting for this couple to stay together.

Fans are going as far as asking Lifetime for a spin-off following the Randalls and their neighbors – fellow New Orleans couple Karen and Miles.

Would you watch the spin-off following the two New Orleans couples?

Married at First Sight Atlanta returns in January 2021 on Lifetime.