MAFS star Michaela Clark talks battle with ADHD, says she ‘cried very heavy tears’ after being diagnosed

Michaela Clark in white
Michaela Clark shares how she reacted to her ADHD diagnosis. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Michaela Clark has learned a lot about herself since being on the show and getting both married and divorced from ex-husband Zack Freeman during the experiment.

On top of doing self-reflection and learning different outlets to channel her emotions, Michaela was also diagnosed with ADHD.

Michaela vulnerably shared with friends and followers about how she processed learning she had ADHD.

Michaela Clark says she cried when she was diagnosed

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Michaela opened up about her diagnosis and the way she and those around her responded to the news.

Michaela suggested that being diagnosed with ADHD was a journey that she first cried about but now can view in a more positive light.

Michaela wrote, “Please understand I can laugh about it now but I cried very heavy tears when I was diagnosed.”

Michaela revealed that she would tell people about her diagnosis by saying there was something wrong with her, but she had encouraging people around her who were able to help her not view ADHD as ‘wrong’ and rather as something that makes her unique.

Michaela wrote, “The way I explained it was ‘Y’all there was actually something wrong with me But because I’m surrounded by love. Everyone I told was like: “No! There’s nothing “wrong” with you! You just didn’t know how to manage your uniqueness.”

Michaela Clark IG story
Pic credit: @she_is_mic/Instagram

Michaela Clark bonds with Married at First Sight Season 13 cast members

Michaela didn’t seem to be particularly close to anyone during her season of Married at First Sight but, after the show wrapped, it’s clear she’s become good friends with several of her fellow cast members.

While Michaela has claimed that she is estranged from her now-notorious MAFS ex-husband Zack Freeman, she has been spending time bonding with castmates Gil, Johnny, Myrla, Rachel, and Brett.

During the Where Are They Now special, Michaela and Gil met up at a park and Michael even shared a photo from their time together and joked about Gil’s handsomeness while not so subtly shading Zack and Bao’s relationship.

Michaela also nerded out with Johnny Lam when they went to go see a Marvel movie together and Michaela recently had brunch with Johnny, Myrla, Rachel, and Brett as well.

It seems Michaela is keeping her focus on growing both as a person and in her friendships.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

It was a disgrace how poor Zach who endured all the unhinged chaos that an undiagnosed mentally ill person like Michaela is capable of dishing out, was himself painted as some kind of villain in the scenario.

Disparaging Zach that way and saying that if he was a better husband Michaela wouldn’t have thrown those fits, is the exact same thing as saying that if a battered woman was a better wife then the violent husband wouldn’t have acted the way he did.

Michaela’s behavior towards Zach was unquestionably abusive and his gut was telling him constantly to get out of there. I have no respect for that panel of “experts” who kept trying to push him back together with the seriously ill Michaela and even blamed and shamed him for wanting to save himself from the insane outbursts and escalation she was capable of. They showed themselves as no better than any other tv producers who only care about the ratings.

I was very proud of and admiring of Zach’s unwaivering determination to take care of himself by steering clear of an dangerously undiagnosed and unmedicated individual, especially when he was being villified for doing so. He honored his own gut feelings and instincts in the face of criticism.

I just hope that in the future somebody recognizes the truth about what was going on here and takes off the blinders that are making Michaela out to be some kind of innocent and injured victim of Zach’s. In reality it was the complete reversed of this.

Jojo Reuben
Jojo Reuben
3 months ago
Reply to  diane

And that’s because you see ADHD as a sickness, right? Guess what, it’s not! It’s a different way of thinking and doing things. Which makes Michaela more unique because her hyperfocus was why she could fall so much head over heels in love with Zach at first sight. She has so much joyful and beautiful high energy, she’s very resilient and willing to see the best in people. She truly wanted to work on their relationship, but Zach was not understanding enough, and frankly, he doesn’t deserve someone so loving and giving like M. He’s a spoiled brat and that’s what showed through, and I for one, knew it was going to be a tumultuous one from the start, but I still hoped for them to make it.

But him being so much younger than Michaela, I didn’t see it. Even a saint would not be able to stand those tantrums of his, like a little boy. What matured man walks out on his wife cos of an argument? So high maintenance if you ask me. And there’s something called empathy. As humans, it is a crucial skill that helps us socialize and communicate with other humans. It also helps us understand the actions of others and the reasons behind their actions.

Now, Zach came with his own damage, he exhibited narcissistic traits from day one, plain and simple. He’s so self-absorbed, he craved so much attention and admiration, like at their wedding, he made it so much about what he wanted, while this poor girl was just gushing over him. He definitely did not think she was worthy of him, with the way his face held a sneer throughout the whole wedding, I don’t know how she didn’t see it. Then he made her feel unloved, made every conversation about him, acted like his feelings were more important than her. Please, he didn’t show any concern for Michaela’s feelings, not once… it was just whine, whine, whine, and more whining. So in my opinion, likewise, he needs to get help too, if not, settling down with any sane woman will be hard for him. Sorry… not diagnosing him, but he’s had how many relationships since Michaela? Did they also present as having mental issues? Who’s the common denominator in there? Finally, ADHD is not a disease, it’s a dis-order of the brain components. And it also brings forth a unique set of strengths and superpowers. Trust me, I’d know, I was recently diagnosed, but I’ve been awesome all my life.