Johnny Lam looks happy in photos with Michaela Clark after their movie night out

Johnny Lam and Michaela Clark
Johnny Lam and Michaela Clark link up to watch a Marvel movie. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 didn’t manage to produce a single couple who fully stuck together after Decision Day, but it did produce surprising friendships amongst the cast. 

Recently, notorious MAFS Season 13 star Johnny Lam shared photos from his night out with fellow notorious star Michaela Clark and the two appeared to have a good time and bond over their love of comic book movies. 

Johnny and Michaela go to the movie theater together 

Johnny took to Instagram to share two photos at the movies with Michaela.

In the first photo, Johnny and Michaela smile big in front of an elevator. 

In the second photo, the two smile in front of a poster for the film they went to see, Marvel’s first Asian-led film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. 

Johnny captioned the post, “Michaela messaged me and said ‘do you want to go see Shang-Chi?’ And even tho I’d already seen it TWICE I went again. You’re welcome.” 

Michaela also responded to the post, writing, “Us nerds/geeks gotta stick together! Once I found out you were a Witcher fan…game over. Note: I’m very picky about who I watch sci-fi/comic book movies with. Johnny knows when it comes to debate & when it’s gone too far in the world of nerd.” 

Michaela's comment
Pic credit: she_is_mic/Instagram

While Johnny and Michaela hardly interacted on-screen during their season, it seems they’ve built up a friendship post-show, especially because of their nerdier interests. 

Plenty of comments under Johnny’s post aimed to warn Michaela to be cautious around Johnny after the behavior he displayed on Married at First Sight, but only time will tell if the two’s friendship continues to blossom or fizzle. 

Michaela and Johnny’s exes deal with a cheating scandal 

Seeing Johnny’s selfies with Michaela, fans were quick to note the significance of these two hanging out as both their MAFS exes, Zack and Bao, ended up dating each other after the show. 

Currently, Zack and Bao’s relationship appears to be in dire straits as a woman has come forward and accused Zack of cheating by sleeping with her while he was seeing Bao. The woman has even provided several text receipts. 

Some fans expressed being curious about how Michaela and Johnny feel now that Zack and Bao’s relationship is seemingly crumbling and whether they discussed the situation during their movie night out. 

There seems to be a lot going on for everyone in the MAFS Season 13 cast since the show ended, and you never know who will link up or fall out next. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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