MAFS Star-Crossed: Rachel and Jose are over the moon for each other

MAFS Rachel glows looking at her husband Jose.
MAFS Rachel is over the moon for her husband Jose. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Rachel and Jose are over the moon for each other, but what do their star charts have to say about their relationship?

Rachel’s heartfelt sentiments

Rachel is a Cancer, the sign of the crab. Cancer is not just a water sign, but THE water sign. So as much as Scorpio feels their feels, Cancer’s feel them and then some. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and their mood can turn as quickly as the tides. They tend to be wishy-washy and fluctuating with their emotions, despite feeling them so strongly. Cancer’s aren’t the sign of the crab for nothing, they can also tend to be “crabby” when their emotions take over or when their delicate emotional balance tips.

Rachel seems to work very well with her emotions, and probably has a lot of Earth signs in her chart as she is definitely more balanced and grounded than Cancer’s tend to be. But she does exhibit one very strong Cancer character trait as she lets her heart lead the way. Rachel definitely makes heartfelt and nurturing life choices. As a special education teacher, she needs a lot of heart, and Cancer’s have that in spades. They are very nurturing and love to create family-oriented, loving, home environments which they love to share, such as when Rachel and Jose hosted their barbeque. That is probably also why that was the day they said “I love you” to each other as they saw their home and future coming together.

So Rachel does exhibit a lot of the positive aspects of Cancer, without allowing her emotional nature to run the show.

Jose goes whichever way the wind blows

We were surprised to see that Jose is a Libra, as Libra’s are generally very peace-loving and struggle with confrontation. That is why they are the sign of the scales, they like balance. If we were to guess, we would say Jose has a Scorpio moon floating around in his chart, as they tend to be a little more vengeful and are more the type to “accidentally” lock their spouses out of their apartment. Although Jose stands firm that the lockout was accidental, fans, experts, and even Jose’s co-stars feel there are holes in his story.

But Jose does exhibit some Libra traits, as often air signs can come across as indifferent, even when they do care. So Jose’s reaction following the lockout may have appeared uncaring to Rachel but it was pretty in line with how an air sign might respond to a big event. Especially if the event tipped their normally balanced scales and caused a big reaction, they might feel embarrassed and unsure how to respond. Their reactions can go whichever way the wind blows as can their attention and some of their emotions.

Jose does display the peacemaking aspects of Libra among his friends, however, as he is the constant go-to of the other MAFS husbands and seems to try to create peaceful scenarios among the group and the other couples. There’s that Libra vibe, we knew it had to be in there somewhere.

Jose and Rachel’s nurturing natures

Libra and Cancer are generally a good match for each other. So even though fans are telling Rachel to “run”, if she does it won’t be because of a lack of compatibility in her and Jose’s stars.

Both Cancer and Libra have caring and nurturing personalities and have big hearts for those they care about, and those in need.

Libras can help Cancers find balance and connect more to their logical and intellectual side. Such as what Jose does with Rachel and finances, living situations, credit scores etc. Cancers can be all heart and no head when it comes to making life choices so having the Libra scales in their life can help guide them toward making decisions with both love and logic.

In return, the Cancer can help the airy Libra connect with their deeper emotions and provide a nurturing and loving environment for a Libra to open up in. That is why this couple works so well for the most part. They balance each other while also being able to find an intimate and meaningful connection.

But will their stars aligning be enough to keep this couple together?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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