MAFS fans tell Rachel to ‘run’ away from Jose

MAFS Rachel and Jose cozy up at dinner
MAFS Rachel and Jose cozy up at the group dinner. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Married At First Sight Season 13’s Rachel may have forgiven Jose, fans have not been so quick to forget.

The most recent episode of MAFS revealed Rachel and Jose mending fences, in the aftermath of last week’s explosive blowup. While Rachel was able to let go of the ordeal, fans seemed a little more hesitant.

Fans say Jose’s behavior is a red flag and tell Rachel to ‘run’

The last time we checked in with Rachel and Jose, their future was unclear. Following their first and most explosive blowup, Rachel and Jose seemed like they might be headed for a divorce on Decision Day.

But, the latest episode revealed that Rachel did finally get her apology from Jose, and the two were able to let go of the past in an attempt to move forward with their relationship. While Rachel viewed the incident between her and Jose as just a simple mistake on his part, fans thought it might be a red flag of something more insidious.

In fact, fans are so worried about his behavior, they are telling Rachel that not only should she not accept Jose’s apology, but that she should “run!”

Jose locks Rachel out

The incident that the fans are referring to happened in last week’s episode. Rachel accidentally called Jose by another man’s name. We later find out that name was Johnny, the couple’s friend and costar on the show. While it may have seemed like an understandable slip of the tongue, Jose was furious. The couple’s apartment cam showed the two in a very heated discussion with the f-word peppered throughout. The scene became so agitated, one of the show’s producers even had to step in to intervene.

Following the mediation, Rachel left to walk the producer out and returned to find herself unceremoniously locked out of the apartment. While Jose claimed it was an accident, even his fellow castmates didn’t fully believe him. And while Jose’s castmates may have had some doubts, their responses paled in comparison to the backlash Jose received on social media as fans weighed in on his and Rachel’s explosive fight.

So while Rachel may have been willing to forgive and forget, MAFS fans feel that the incident may be a red flag.

Will Rachel take fans’ advice and head for the hills, or are she and Jose on track for a lifelong commitment? Only time and possibly the next episode will tell.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.