MAFS: Fans weigh in on Jose and Rachel’s explosive fight

MAFS Jose looks mad
MAFS Jose San Miguel loses his temper Pic credit: Lifetime

It was an interesting week for the Married At First Sight Season 13 couples who all experienced some upheavals. But none were more explosive than the all-out, knock-down, drag-out that went on between Jose and Rachel.

Fans respond to Jose locking Rachel out

This week things with Jose and Rachel went from good to bad to worse. The two started off blissfully as the first couple of Season 13 to say “I love you.” But the couple went from dropping L-bombs to throwing F-bombs in the space of a week.

During a fight between the two, Jose “accidentally” locked Rachel out of the couple’s shared apartment and fans were shocked, to say the least.

In fact, things between Rachel and Jose were going so well, the two had agreed that Rachel would move into Jose’s house following Decision Day. Now many fans are wondering if that is such a good idea for Rachel after all.

Jose and Rachel’s fall from “happy wife, happy life”

Things started off so well for Rachel and Jose. Their instant chemistry was apparent and the two were the first to hit several major milestones including consummating the marriage and saying “I love you.”

Many fans thought the two were destined for a successful Decision Day and beyond. Jose’s mantra for their marriage was “happy wife, happy life.”

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, things took a drastic turn.

During a group hangout, Rachel accidentally called Jose by fellow cast member Johnny’s, name and Jose did not take it well.

The couple’s apartment cam caught the two in the midst of such a heated fight, that the show’s producer had to step in to try to de-escalate the situation. Jose yelled at Rachel to “get out” with a few expletives sprinkled in for good measure.

When Rachel left to walk the producer out, Jose deadbolted the door to the apartment, leaving Rachel locked out and stranded in the middle of the night.

While Jose claimed it was an accident and he had thought Rachel had left for the night, fans and fellow cast members alike feel there are some holes in Jose’s story. The fact that he did not apologize to Rachel or appear remorseful, had many fans also raising their eyebrows.

Prior to the explosion, the only subject the couple had disagreed on was how to handle finances. Jose wanted all of the couple’s income to go into a joint account that he would pull from for shared expenses and Rachel could pull from whatever was left.

Rachel was not on board with this plan. Jose also wanted Rachel to leave her apartment and move into his home. While these things at the time may have appeared as innocent preferences, fans are now wondering if they are red flags of a control issue on Jose’s part.

While the fight might be the most extreme red flag Jose might have exhibited of a control issue, it is not his first. Many fans felt that Jose’s checklist for a “perfect wife” was another red flag.

All in all the fight was not a good look for Jose and many feel the couple will not be able to recover from the incident. MAFS expert Kevin Frazier weighed in on his midseason recap, saying that he felt that Rachel and Jose now had almost no chance of making it to Decision Day.

Although things are not looking good for Rachel and Jose, there have been other MAFS couples who have worked through similar scenarios and chosen to stay together after all. So what the future holds for this couple remains anyone’s guess.

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