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MAFS Spoilers: Are Briana and Vincent still together or did they split up?

MAFS couple Vincent Morales and Briana Morris are still very much together
MAFS stars Briana and Vincent are still together Pic credit:Lifetime

Early on, Married at First Sight stars Briana Morris and Vincent Morales gave fans hope amid what was gearing up to be a frustrating season.

To be fair, it was one specific couple that has caused drama and mayhem and turned off long-standing fans of the show. The negative attention threatened to overshadow the far less dramatic duos like Vincent and Briana, but from the very beginning, fans could see that these two were the real deal.

The couple had an instant connection since the moment they tied the knot, but after moving in together, real-life started to set in, and with it came real problems. Briana’s bossy and outspoken personality proved challenging for Vincent and her hesitancy in having kids also threatened the couple’s relationship.

On Decision Day both Vincent and Briana decided to stay married, but are they still together today.

MAFS experts are happy about Vincent and Briana

The Married at First Sight reunion proved that Vincent and Briana were dedicated to the process and the experts could not be more proud of this match.

While they got a lot of backlash about some of the matches this season, the experts are certainly happy with the way this pairing turned out.

While acknowledging that this was the most stressful season of the show, Dr. Pepper Schwartz named Vincent and Briana as a triumph.

When host Kevin Frazier pointed out how happy Vincent was about being paired with Briana, Dr. Pepper proclaimed how happy she was to see that.

“He [Vincent] wanted to be a team. We gave him a strong but emotionally present human being and we got her the guy that she hoped for,” noted Dr. Pepper. “We felt this from the beginning but you can never predict the chemistry so when you see the chemistry oh boy…you know we can’t think of them without smiling.”

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“These two felt solid on paper and I was so glad to see that it would also play out in a really good way in real life,” shared Dr. Viviana.

Vincent and Briana are still together

If you follow either Vincent or Briana on social media you would know by now that these two are still married and still going strong.

This couple seems to be totally in love and having lots of adventures if their Instagram pages are anything to go by.

The MAFS stars seemed happier than ever in their most recent photos from a wedding they attended together and by all accounts, Briana and Vincent are dedicated to making their marriage a success.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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