MAFS: Should the experts be doing more to call out Season 13 couples’ bad behavior? Fans say yes

MAFS Johnny Lam rolls his eyes.
MAFS Johnny Lam rolls his eyes. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most toxic of them all? If it were up to viewers it would be a tossup between Season 13’s Johnny Lam, Michaela Clark, and Ryan Ignasiak.

But while it seems a clear call to Married at First Sight fans, they can’t help but wonder where the experts are in all of this. Should they be doing more to call out the couple’s bad behaviors? Fans say yes.

MAFS fans take aim at the experts, saying they should do more

It’s no secret that this has been one of the more dramatic seasons of Married at First Sight. With Category 5 blow-ups, lockouts, and emotional checkouts, it has been one wild ride.

While this isn’t MAFS’ first deadbeat spouse rodeo, as several seasons have featured partners that haven’t quite lived up to their hype, fans are saying there are more per capita this season than some of the other seasons combined!

So what could be the cause of all the rampant spouse mayhem? Viewers place it on poor policing by the experts.

Fans took to social media this week, following the explosive couples retreat episode, and fired at the experts for not intervening sooner before Hurricane Michaela hit a Category 5.

But they didn’t stop there. Fans felt that both Johnny and Ryan should have been more on the experts’ radar and that they should have stepped in sooner to keep the couples on track.

One fan even felt that not only should the experts intervene, but they should actually remove the “toxic” spouses altogether.

MAFS fans say experts should remove toxic spouses.
Pic credit: @itsjustthekey/Twitter

While other fans don’t necessarily think the couples or individuals within them should be removed, they do agree that intervention before things escalate should be a bigger part of the MAFS curriculum.

MAFS fans say experts should intervene more.
Pic credit: @gem_jam/Twitter

It’s a difficult dance, the experts want to let the couples get to know each other and learn how to work through their issues and communication on their own but also not abandon the couples completely.

But at what point should they intervene? When does it stop being the individual’s responsibility and start becoming the expert’s responsibility? Fans say when it starts to get toxic.

MAFS experts take a lot of heat

Married at First Sight is a risky experiment. It takes an old-fashioned matchmaking concept, adds a modern twist, and throws in a camera crew for fun. It’s the perfect recipe for love — or disaster.

So what happens when the couples start going off course or when it’s clear the two just aren’t a good match? Who should take the blame?

Often, the experts are the ones who take the heat for failed relationships and bad behavior on the part of the couples. This season, many fans are wondering how some of the spouses made it through the selection process at all.

In light of recent events, fans are firing at the experts for not weeding Michaela out before matching her with Zack. They also came at the experts pretty hard over not taking Ryan and Johnny’s serial dating ways as more of a red flag, in fact, many felt Johnny was a better fit for the show Unmatchables than Married at First Sight.

But regardless of if these individuals should never have made it on the show or not, they are there now and we are curious to see how the experts will respond to the couples retreat gone so wrong. Will they intervene as the fans say they should, or is it every man for himself when “Hurricane K” blows in?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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1 year ago

I think the only ones out of this season that even have half a chance, are Rachel and Jose and that’s pushing it, simply because Rachel wants to wear the pants in the family, and she’s not willing to budge. Myrla and Gil….. forget that one, everyone thinks they are so sweet and will make it, because she was making the poor guy wait for a kiss, as if her kisses are golden, but Gil will get tired if her pessimistic attitude, always complaining and whining about EVERYTHING! This female can’t say anything good, unless it’s about something involving her spending money… Gil was right when he said she would be happy, if the retreat were at some high dollar hotel. She isn’t all that either, she needs to wash that greasy looking hair too! Bao and Johnny, he needs to come off his high horse. Bao is a wonderful young lady and he should be glad she’s stuck it out with him this far. Most women would have slapped the mess outta him, for talking to them like he does her! Johnny acts like he’s God’s gift to women, and he’s far from it! Michaela and Zach, at first I thought they were great…but we have since seen that she’s psycho! Zach needs to run as fast as he can… AWAY from that psycho! Brett and Ryan, they were doomed from the start. Everyone needs to stop ragging on him though, because he’s not attracted to her, so what, there HAS to be some sort of physical attraction between two people. They both need to give it a rest, and realize it wasn’t meant to be!

1 year ago
Reply to  MamaD79

I love your summation! It was spot on!