MAFS viewer thinks Johnny should have been on Unmatchables — Did the experts fail Bao?

Johnny against a brick wall
MAFS fans agree that Johnny was not ready for marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Johnny Lam has continued to greatly upset both his wife Bao and Married at First Sight viewers with his troublesome and mean-spirited behavior.

After the latest episode of Married at First Sight showed Johnny continuing his pattern of being harsh and critical towards Bao, many MAFS viewers are voicing their disdain for the serial dater. 

Some are even suggesting that Johnny should have never been on the show since he qualifies more for the MAFS spinoff Unmatchables. 

MAFS viewers think the experts messed up by choosing Johnny Lam

With all the backlash Johnny has received, Married at First Sight’s official Twitter account posted a question quoting Bao and asking, “Has Bao been “cheated out of a perfectly good marriage?” 

Married at First Sight fans responded and one viewer blamed the experts for cheating Bao out of a good marriage. 

The viewer wrote, “Bao was cheated in the sense that the ‘experts’ failed by putting Johnny on the show. His 1st episode alone showing his rigid way of thinking and living should’ve had him in Unmatchables territory. Some of these people need significant 1 on 1 counseling, not couples therapy. #MAFS”

MAFS fan tweet
MAFS viewer accuses experts of failing Bao. Pic credit: @tontonlove/Twitter

Some MAFS viewers also expressed feeling like the experts, such as Pastor Cal, failed Bao when telling her she was being a good, strong wife for putting up with Johnny’s mistreatment and harmful behavior when strength doesn’t always equate to accepting someone’s torment. 

Johnny Lam exhibits ‘unmatchable’ behavior on Married at First Sight 

It’s common for Married at First Sight viewers to question the experts’ choices in spouses, however after MAFS Season 12 featured one of the most toxic relationships on reality television through Chris Williams and Paige Banks, MAFS fans have been especially concerned with the experts’ decision-making ability. 

This season, many have drawn comparisons between last season’s villain Chris Williams and Johnny Lam. Viewers are questioning how the experts could have thought Johnny was a good marriage candidate since he’s been exhibiting plenty of red flags on the show that would make him more fit for Unmatchables, a show featuring people who are not ready for marriage. 

MAFS viewers have called Johnny out for several things, including the way he incessantly nitpicks everything Bao does, uses harsh and hurtful language with Bao, has a hot temper, and acts out due to his unrealistic idea of a perfect marriage feeling like a romantic high school love story every day. 

Particularly frustrating for Bao and MAFS viewers is the way Johnny keeps moving the goalpost further and contradicts himself in what he wants from Bao causing him to never be satisfied.

Bao has been committed to the marriage even despite the flaws in both her and Johnny throughout the relationship and many fans are eager for Bao to put her foot down and leave Johnny once and for all. 

It seems Johnny is growing more and more unlikeable and unmatchable to Married at First Sight fans and time will tell if he’s at all able to redeem himself and be a better husband to Bao.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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