Married at First Sight fans are calling out production for pairing ‘disaster’ couple Chris and Paige

MAFS fans are outraged by Paige being matched with Chris
MAFS fans not happy with Paige and Chris being matched. Pic credit:Lifetime

Married at First Sight production is getting backlash from fans for one of the worst pairings in the show’s history.

And if you’ve been keeping up with the season, you’ll definitely understand why.

The couple in question is Chris Williams and Paige Banks and it’s Paige who got the short end of this stick in this match up.

Viewers were skeptical about Chris from the very beginning, as some of his comments raised red flags.

Furthermore, fans found out that he was engaged only a few months before participating in the experiment, and more red flags went up.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg and with each new episode,MAFS viewers grew more infuriated.

Paige has been through a lot

The newlyweds were only married for three days and trying to enjoy their honeymoon. But it’s been one shocking revelation after another for poor Paige.

Last week, Married at First Sight fans were absolutely angered after Chris decided to have sex with his new wife, and hours later revealed that he had no attraction to her.

It came as a shock to Paige, who tried to process the information as best she could.

She decided after having a conversation with Chris’ parents, and he had the nerve to get angry at Paige for discussing their sex life.

It’s been a lose, lose for the new bride every step of the way. And with each new revelation Chris easily because one of the most dislikable characters in the history of MAFS.

But the 27-year old wasn’t done dropping bombs on his new wife.

In the latest episode, Chris alluded to some disturbing news but refused to tell Paige what it was.

As the MAFS star probed and prodded her new husband, he still refused to spill the beans until production pretty much forced him to do it.

Chris has a baby on the way

The Married at First Sight husband was finally convinced to man up and tell his wife the shocking news.

And that’s how Paige found out that Chris’s ex-fiancee was pregnant with his child. It was all too much for the successful accountant –especially being only three days into the marriage.

But it was MAFS fans who were simply fed up with all the drama from Chris.

And they took to social media to air their outrage over all that Paige has been going through.

Furthermore, viewers are wondering if the couple was paired together simply to stir up drama and ratings for the show.

Married At First Sight fans bash the show for disaster pairing

Fans bash MAFS experts
Pic credit:@Millie_Vanill_E/Twitter
Viewers bash MAFS experts for pairing Paige and Chris
Pic credit:@_JenAndJuice/Twitter
Fans are not happy with MAFS production
Pic credit:@CrxyBeAutiful/Twitter
Twitter fan shares outrage at experts pairing of Chris and Paige
Pic credit:@nrocinukcalb/Twitter

Do you think Chris and Paige were set up just for ratings?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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