MAFS Season 12 couples Hall of Fame Awards

The cast of MAFS Season 12 pose for promo shot
Each couple brought a little something special to the show. Pic credit: Lifetime

There’s no denying that Season 12 of Married at First Sight was one big roller coaster that has finally come to a full and complete stop.

There was more drama than ever before and it was pretty clear from the beginning that not all of the couples would be staying together in the end.

Now that we’ve seen the final episode (and we’re talking about the last one where they updated us all on their progress months after Decision Day), we can finally reflect on the good times and some of the bad.

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Each couple of the MAFS Season 12 brought a little something special to the Atlanta season, and we just want to take a moment to recognize each couple for their unique contributions.

In honor of the recent MAFS Hall of Fame episode, we thought we would create some awards of our own. So grab the popcorn, sit back and enjoy… Here is the Monsters & Critics Married at First Sight Hall of Fame Awards for the Atlanta season.

Without further ado…

Most Likely To Succeed

Vincent and Briana smile at the camera in promo picture
Briana and Vincent: Most Likely to Succeed Pic credit: Lifetime

They are the reality TV show equivalent to the head cheerleader and the quarterback of the football team. They were America’s sweethearts and they stole our hearts throughout the season. Congrats to Vincent and Briana, for being MAFS Season 12’s Most Likely To Succeed.

The couple had an almost instant connection on their wedding day and seemed to have not stopped smiling since. Although the couple had some small hiccups in their relationship, between Briana’s bossy ways and Vincent’s sensitive demeanor, the couple worked through that like champs and continued to move forward with their picture-perfect romance.

Vincent embraced his new role as a husband and a doggie daddy, within a few short weeks he had won over Briana, her dog cookie, and let’s be honest, all of our hearts.

“Champagne Vinnie” as he was so affectionately called, definitely showed up to marriage with his A-game and the fans and experts alike were very pleased.

Briana in return, showed her dedication to Vincent even as early as the honeymoon, when the couple experienced their first life challenge, as a married couple. Vincent’s beloved grandmother was taken to the hospital with health complications, there was even a moment where Vincent thought he might have had to leave the honeymoon early to fly home.

Briana launched right into wife mode, comforting him and assuring him that not only would all be well but that if he needed to leave or wanted her to come, all of that would be just fine with her. With less than a week of marriage under her belt, Briana showed up as a true partner and made sure Vincent felt loved and supported through a difficult time.

The couple continued to grow and thrive throughout the season and the show’s follow-up episodes showed the couple house hunting and planning for a future family. What else can we say except that this couple’s future is looking bright?

Most Unique

Haley and Jacob smile at the camera in promo picture
Haley and Jacob: Most Unique Pic credit: Lifetime

The pairing of these Haley and Jacob was a bit like matching the class clown with the student council president. It almost worked…but not quite.

But even if their marriage didn’t quite make it to graduation day, this couple definitely still stood out from the crowd. From Jacob’s unapologetic love of the 80s, strange outfits, and unique eating habits, not to mention his sense of humor that almost no one got(least of all Haley), Jake definitely made an impression.

Haley, on the other hand, reminds me of the kid in class that the teacher always had to take attendance, or be hall monitor, basically a rule follower if there ever was one.

It was definitely an odd pairing but with the old adage of opposites attract, the fans and experts alike were hopeful that this couple’s differences would compliment and perhaps even better each other.

There was hope that Jacob’s class clown ways could help straight-laced Haley find some laughter, and perhaps Haley’s Miss Popularity(she was a bridesmaid in 18 weddings prior to MAFS) lifestyle could draw Jacob out of his 80s loving shell. But alas, it was not meant to be.

After weeks of fighting, over everything from lack of physical attraction to the infamous never worn infinity bracelet that was Jacob’s pre-wedding gift to Haley, the couple finally called it quits on Decision Day.

The strife even continued through the reunion special where the ex-couple spent the interview sniping at each other and arguing over the finer details of their marriage.

In fact, the two were only recently able to reach some form of a ceasefire, post-divorce. But although their marriage didn’t last, all is not lost, because this couple still gets to walk away with the Hall of Fame title of Most Unique.

Most Athletic

Virginia and Erik smile at the camera for promo pictures
Virginia and Erik: Most Athletic Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia and Erik win this award because they might as well have been the captains of the track team for all the hurdles they had to jump in their relationship.

Their issues varied from everything from the age difference to the lifestyle choices to the dogs, this couple certainly had their share of obstacles in their relationship.

The pinnacle of Virginia and Erik’s heated debates centered around 26-year-old Virginia’s desire to continue her “party girl” lifestyle. Virginia’s husband, 34-year-old army pilot Erik, felt like her party days should have ended with their marriage.

The couple went round and round on this issue and there were several moments during the show that their problems did seem insurmountable and there were times many fans had thrown in the towel on the success of this relationship.

Then, of course, there was the ever-present dog issue. Erik felt that Virginia’s free-spirited dog Rockie seemed to be a never-ending source of frustration. It was an issue that was even taken into counseling sessions with the experts. Eventually, the couple sought a dog trainer but it was an ongoing issue right up until Decision Day.

Between that and the partying issue, the couple’s outlook did not look good. But somehow, against all the odds, this couple came out Rocky Balboa style, and not only stayed together past Decision Day but continue to report a good relationship in all the follow-up episodes.

Congrats Virginia and Erik, hopefully, you can turn this speed race of a marriage into a lifelong marathon.

Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality

Clara and Ryan smile at the camera for promo picture
Clara and Ryan: Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality Pic credit: Lifetime

Ryan and Clara were charming, friendly with everyone, had few fights or major hiccups in their relationship, and basically kept it calm, cool, and collected for the majority of the season.

Ryan was generally the peacekeeper of the group, jumping in to help sort the disagreement between Erik and Chris during the dramatic honeymoon dinner, helping the other men get perspective on their relationship struggles, basically just being that all-around nice guy. Ryan reminds me of the kid in school that was friends with all the different social groups, just as comfortable with the jocks as with the “nerds.”

Clara’s friendly ways were also well documented throughout the show, she herself saying she could have a conversation with a “brick wall.” Clara’s friendly, flight attendant ways definitely made her a fan favorite as well as a well-loved member of the MAFS crew.

The couple’s only challenge was Ryan’s inability to say the words “I love you” in any previous relationship. But Ryan blew that concern out of the water on the Reunion Special when Ryan told Clara on camera that he loved her, after months of showing it with his actions, and fans and experts alike breathed a collective sigh of relief and happiness.

Having put any lingering doubts fans might have at rest, Ryan and Clara moved forward as one of the fan-favorite MAFS couples. Overall the two have shown they are just all-around charming, talented, and committed.

So not only is this couple walking away with a successful marriage, they are leaving with the MAFS Season 12 Hall of Fame title of Mr. and Mrs. Congeniality.

Most Dramatic

Paige and Chris smile at the camera for promo picture
Chris and Paige: Most Dramatic Pic credit: Lifetime

The king and queen of this MAFS drama prom go to none other than our favorite dysfunctional couple, Chris Williams and Paige Banks.

Yes, right from the start, we had our eye on this couple for this award. From the honeymoon, when Chris left his new bride in their hotel room to go in search of menus, but then didn’t return, we knew we had a contender for this nomination.

He did of course eventually return, but only to explain away his disappearance as a direct result of not finding his new bride physically attractive, despite the very recent consummation of their marriage.

Yes, it was clear from the start that Chris had a flair for the dramatic, but I think what really clinched it for us, was after revealing his ex-fiancee’s pregnancy, Chris then asked his new bride, Paige, to meet face to face with his ex. On camera.

Of course, not to diminish any others of Chris’s fine performances, from yelling at other couples to missing meetings with the experts, to constantly choosing his ex then rebounding to Paige, Chris really kept us on the edge of our seats for the entire season.

Chris even showed his flair for dramatic on Decision Day, after never spending not even a single night in the couple’s shared apartment, Chris showed up to Decision Day stating he wanted to continue his marriage to Paige.

After SIX HOURS of debate and back and forth with Paige and the relationship experts, Chris finally accepted Paige’s decision of calling it quits on Decision Day. The session took so long, for the first time in MAFS hirstory they had to split Decision Day, into two sequences.

So, while some of the other couples did make some worthy attempts at this award, there is really no comparison. So Paige Banks and Chris Williams hands down won the award for MAFS Season 12’s Most Dramatic Couple.

Each couple brought a little something special to the season, and we are happy we can help pin down just what exactly it was. So congratulations to all the couples, their titles are hard-earned and well deserved.

Married at First Sight Season 13 in Houston begins on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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