MAFS Season 12 Best Moments Countdown: Here are our 5 favorite moments from the season

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MAFS Season 12 had a lot of moments to choose from Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Season 12 had a lot of moments to choose from, some sweet, some not so sweet, some we will remember forever, and some we would rather just forget altogether.

In the 25 Memorable Moments countdown special, Lifetime picked 25 of their favorite moments from the season, and we narrowed theirs down even further to just five.

So join us as we recount our 5 favorite moments from Married at First Sight Season 12.

1. Paige bares all to Chris’s family

Chris and Paige had one of the more bizarre marriages of not just this season, but arguably any season. Starting from the wedding day through the honeymoon, all the way to Decision Day, this couple kept us guessing, so how could they not be on the memorable moments’ countdown?

But one of the most interesting moments of their relationship was during the morning after in-law brunch when Paige bares all to new hubby Chris’s family.

Paige admits to the family that she and Chris were already beginning to have some problems…yes, less than 24 hours after their marriage. It didn’t take much probing on Chris’s family’s part to learn that Paige and Chris had already consummated their marriage… twice.

Talk about some interesting breakfast conversation.

Paige and Chris on Married at First Sight
Paige Banks and Chris Williams had a very rough MAFS season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige went on to tell his family that shortly after consummating their marriage, Chris had let her know he was not attracted to her. Chris’s father seemed to commiserate with Paige on the confusion of why Chris had let the physical go that far if he was not actually attracted to Paige. Chris’s mother, on the other hand, asked if Chris if he had “had a drink.” Wow!

I think that gave us a little insight into maybe why Chris turned out the way he did…

After his family confronted Chris about Paige’s disclosure, Chris immediately went back to Paige and expressed his displeasure, stating that he “didn’t like talking about sex.” Kind of an odd sentiment coming from the guy who announced on national television that one of his main criteria in a future wife was having sexual preferences in common. He also asked Paige (then a complete stranger) mere minutes after their nuptials if she had a “high sex drive.”

There’s not much else we can say except this couple definitely always kept it interesting, and that is why Paige’s bare all brunch, made it into out of our top five moments.

2. Virginia tells Erik she will need a “day off” from the marriage

MAFS Virginia and Erik pose on their wedding day
MAFS Virginia and Erik’s wedding day was all smiles Pic credit: Lifetime

Virginia and Erik were a match made in opposites heaven. The two could not have been more different, but seemed to really fit the old adage of “opposites attract.” The two could not keep their hands(or lips) off each other from their wedding day on.

But with Virginia’s independent spirit and party girl lifestyle, no one was really all that surprised when she expressed to Erik that she would basically need a “day off” from their marriage. Couples and fans around the world cringed, knowing that the realization would soon hit…that that’s not how marriage works.

Her supportive hubby Erik tried to accommodate her request by letting her know due to his job as a pilot, he would be gone for days at a time, allowing her some alone time and space. Virginia responded with her wish that his days away would fall on the days that she wanted space.

Well here’s hoping Virginia, although according to recent may have not worked out the way she wanted after all and the couple may have finally split.

3.Haley and Jacob’s gloves come off during (their first fight)

MAFS's Haley Harris and Jacob Harder pose for post wedding photos.
Haley Harris and Jacob Harder pose for post wedding photos. Pic credit:

Haley and Jacob were never the most likely to succeed couple, but fans and experts alike held out hope that Jake’s quirky ways would balance out Haley’s rule-following and Haley’s social butterfly personality would help draw Jake out of his 80s loving homebody shell.

But, unfortunately, that did not go as planned, and watching the couple’s first throw down, was what really made our hope no longer float.

Haley had told Jacob on the honeymoon that she would be meeting the girls for a drink, which apparently was how the night began, however several of the other husbands soon joined the party. When Jacob wandered downstairs and saw the others gathered, he felt Haley had not included him on purpose. The sparks began to fly and not in a romantic way.

The couple spent an awkward last morning of the honeymoon, followed by a tense plane ride in different rows of the plane. But once they arrived back in Atlanta, things really took a turn. Jacob called Haley a “liar” and accused her of having a boyfriend back home or of seeing someone else.

Jacob then went on to say he had specifically asked the experts not to match him with someone who was “high strung.” Yikes. The fight continued to escalate and the couple never really recovered.

This moment makes our list because it was one of the more fiery fights of the season, and what is Married at First Sight without a few good lovers’ quarrels?

4. Paige meets the ex (aka Chris’s baby mama)

This is the first time in Married at First Sight history that this has ever happened(that we know of.) A very recent ex, a very recent pregnant ex, meets the new wife, who then admits she thought that she too might have been pregnant for a moment. Thankfully, Paige turned out not to be pregnant but yikes, what a conundrum.

Yet somehow it all worked out fairly well with both women agreeing neither one of them wanted to be with Chris and being pretty supportive of each other’s situation. Chris’s pregnant ex, Mercedes, even took up for Paige when Chris called her “disrespectful.” How he came to that conclusion is still beyond us, but it was a nice moment when both women came together to support each other.

Mercedes even apologized to Paige for her being dragged into the situation.

It definitely seems like it’s Chris’s lot in life is to be surrounded by classy women, though we can’t imagine why.

We felt we would have been remiss to leave out a moment that was a first in Married at First Sight’s history, even if it was a moment we would probably all rather forget.

5. Vincent’s sweet proposal

Briana and Vincent on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Vincent and Briana’s romance stole fans’ hearts from day one. The couple won our Most Likely to Succeed award and minus some small hiccups, for the most part, their marriage resembled nothing less than a fairy tale romance. The couple’s sweet regards for each other went all the way up to their Decision Day moment where Vincent re-proposed to Briana…with a cheesecake.

While that may initially seem an odd proposal prop, Briana was beyond thrilled, showing just how much the two really did know and care about each other. It was such a sweet romance that fans and experts alike were thrilled that the couple decided to stay together, and decided to do so in the most Vincent and Briana way possible.

So there we have it. While there were a lot of moments to choose from, there were definitely a few that seemed to “take the cake,” the wedding cake to be precise.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednedsay, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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