MAFS recap: Walkouts and wakeup calls

MAFS Rachel looks tense
Rachel listens intently. Pic credit: Lifetime

Love is a battlefield, but for some of the Married At First Sight Season 13 couples, it’s become an all-out war. Let’s take a look at what shots have been fired this episode.

Bao and Johnny get real

Bao and Johnny got real; real vulnerable, real explicit, and real … happy! It seems like Bao and Johnny’s stormy seas have quieted into smooth sailing as the two breezed through this episode with little to no drama.

During a trust exercise given by the experts, Bao dove deep and got very vulnerable with Johnny as she told him all about her difficult childhood. Bao admitted her embarrassment over her father’s drinking problem and their dilapidated home.

Bao told Johnny how her childhood friends were not allowed to spend time with her because of her father’s reputation and how that made her feel a lot of shame. Johnny reached out in support and the two seemed to share a very intimate bonding moment. Awww.

But the most exciting thing happening for this couple is their newfound exploration — of themselves, each other, and their, shall we say, physical connection.

The two pulled out the blindfolds and dirty dice and played a very erotic game that ended with the two having some seriously spicy moments. It looks like full steam ahead for this couple.

Brett tells Ryan ‘in or out’

While Brett and Ryan may not have made it to the top of our Most Likely to Succeed list, the couple did seem like things were progressing at a fairly steady rate.

Cracks began to show when it became apparent that the two might not be totally on the same page, but we don’t think anyone realized how Ryan actually felt about the situation until the most recent counseling session with Dr. Viviana shed some light on the situation.

While Brett seemed to feel content and even happy with the way things were progressing, Ryan revealed he was “stuck in a spot.”

Brett looked surprised as Ryan continued to explain he was not feeling the “butterflies.” Brett’s eyes welled with tears as she responded that this was her fear, as there had been many of her past relationships that had ended with someone just not being sure about her. Brett told Ryan, “either you feel it or you don’t.”

Dr. Viviana sent Brett out of the room as she talked with Ryan one on one about what he was looking for from the relationship. Ryan revealed he wanted a spark, a “push my wife against the wall when I come home” feeling.

Dr. Viviana explained to Ryan that was not a real marriage. She let him know that what he was chasing was a Hollywood fantasy and if he wanted a lasting marriage built on long-term compatibility he would need to shift his expectations. Go, Dr. Viviana!

Following the session, Brett met up with Michaela to vent and revealed that if Ryan was someone she was just dating, she would have already said “you don’t like me, and I’m wasting my time.” Yikes.

Meanwhile, Ryan decided to take some time away from the shared apartment and spent a few nights alone at his house. He said he felt like he needed a “reset” and when he returned he said that he did feel better.

Ryan admitted he was still unsure of the future of their relationship but that he was still willing to try.

And try they did — he two found themselves in a Tantric workshop prescribed by Dr. Viviana. They explored all their senses and sweet spots and ended the session with hands-on each other’s hearts telling each other what they liked best about the other.

The two ended in an embrace and gave fans and experts alike a little spark of hope for the couple’s future.

Myrla and Gil make it to first base

Much to everyone’s surprise, in a session with Dr. Viviana, Myrla rated her relationship with Gil a 7, and Gil rated it an 8, giving them a 7.5 average. While Myrla and Gil seem to have a lot of differences and still are yet to take their physical intimacy to the next level, or any level really, the two seem overall happy with their relationship.

Yet Gil continues to stand by his ultimatum that if he didn’t receive a kiss by Decision Day he will ask for a divorce. Myrla said she felt confident that they would not be getting a divorce on Decision Day and wasn’t sure why Gil even allowed that to be an option.

To help speed things up, Dr. Viviana gave Myrla and Gil a little card game of intimacy exercises, and once again, Dr. Viviana proves she really knows her stuff. The two went forehead to forehead as they talked about all the things they liked about each other as they showed that intimacy can come in many forms.

The exercise must have really kicked things up a notch because the episode ended with the couple sharing their first kiss and glowingly telling the others and the cameras how happy they were about reaching the next level of their intimacy.

While Myrla and Gil have consistently received criticism as fans wondered why the two were matched, we can’t help but wonder if the couple is actually proving true the old adage “slow and steady wins the race.”

Because while they are taking things slowly, they are outlasting some of the other couples who started off hot and heavy, so who’s to say? Maybe this couple will beat the odds and pull it off after all!

Rachel and Jose: Say my name, say my name

Rachel and Jose went from dropping “L- bombs” to “F-bombs” real quick.

We knew it was bound to happen — the Season 13 golden couple was bound to have a fight at some point, we just didn’t expect it to be this explosive.

It all began when Rachel accidentally called Jose by another man’s name, and it did not go over well, to say the least. We later found out the name she called him was Johnny.

Rachel and Jose’s apartment cam caught the couple in a heated argument, in which Jose told Rachel to pack her things and leave. Rachel tried to de-escalate the situation, and the show’s producer even stepped in, but Jose’s temper could not be tamed.

The night ended with Jose “accidentally” locking Rachel out of the apartment at 1:00 a.m. Rachel banged on their door, but to no avail.

The morning after featured a very upset Rachel trying to discuss the matter with Jose, who nonchalantly explained it was an accident. Rachel went on to say that based on the way he talked to her and the fact he did not seem apologetic, she was not sure she could continue to be his wife.

Later in the day the guys and gals split up to blow off some steam and while the boys played a round of golf, the girls pounded out their feelings at a smash room. Rachel told the other girls that she was no longer in love with Jose and was not sure they would be able to work things out at this point.

Meanwhile, on the golf course, Jose told the other fellas his version of the story, and everyone was dubious at his version of events. So long story short, Jose locked his wife out of the apartment after she called him Johnny and now Jose and Rachel’s future is less than clear.

Michaela and Zack’s roller coaster continues

The roller coaster ride that is Michaela and Zack’s relationship continues. We don’t know about you, but if all these ups and downs continue, we are going to need a Dramamine.

The episode began with Michaela and Zack having an explosive session with Dr. Viviana where all the bombs were dropped. Zack admitted he did not think he could get past the fighting and that Michaela’s knee-jerk reactions felt like more who she was as a person as opposed to a one-time mistake.

Michaela explained that she was trying to grow and learn from the situation and do better. Zack finally broke down in tears saying that he had very much wanted the relationship to work, and didn’t want to hurt her but that he did not think he could get past what had already happened. Zack ended the conversation by walking out of the room and saying he just couldn’t deal with it all anymore.

The couple tried to regroup during a romantic, late-night swim at Zack’s friend’s pool that also featured a trust exercise given to them by the experts. They wore blindfolds and admitted to each other their hopes and fears about the relationship, what they liked about each other, etc.

It actually was going well for a while with the couple reminiscing about their wedding and things they liked about each other. But things took a turn when Zack admitted he was doubtful about a future together with Michaela.

We will admit, we placed Michaela and Zack in the prime number two position in our Most Likely To Succeed List but given the last few episodes, we are starting to sweat a little.

But, as we have seen in previous seasons, things can drastically change in the space of an episode and the race to Decision Day is far from over. At this point, it’s still anyone’s game.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.