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MAFS recap: There has to be a morning after

MAFS Michaela glows in her wedding gown
MAFS Michaela glows at her new husband, Zack. Pic credit: Lifetime

One night down, forever to go! While the couple’s first nights together might have ended in marital bliss, there always has to be a morning after.

Day one of the marriage had the couple’s meeting with their new spouse’s friends and family over brunch and heading off to their honeymoon.

Here’s how it went.

Bao and Johnny sleep on a bed of children

In keeping with the couple’s traditional Vietnamese ceremony, Johnny’s sister decked out the couple’s wedding night bed with a traditional Blanket of 100 Children. The blanket represents fertility and prosperity with 100 children, 1000 grandchildren, and so on. It was a very nice touch to close out the couple’s traditional Vietnamese wedding day.

As the couple sat with their morning coffee catching up, they realized that they had actually been on a date before, in college. Bao pulled up the text messages and realized that Johnny had ended up ghosting her! But the couple was able to laugh it off and continue with their match made in cleanliness as they swapped packing checklists and Bao introduced Johnny to her Excel spreadsheet-loving ways.

Each met with the other’s family for brunch, and while Bao hit it off with Johnny’s family, Johnny hit a little snag with Bao’s. Johnny admitted he was a bit of a serial dater and tended to bolt at the first hint of something he didn’t like. He said he had signed up for Married At First Sight, hoping that would change, but Bao’s family seemed unsure.

Bao and Johnny made it to their honeymoon, where despite Bao’s initial request for Johnny to sleep in the other room, the two ended up sleeping in the same bed after all.

Myrla and Gil have more in common than we thought

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuera reveal they have one very unusual thing in common — both of their fathers were murdered. Yes, you read that correctly.

On their wedding night, Myrla and Gil revealed that both of their fathers were murdered. While Myrla did not initially explain what happened to her father, she did let Gil know the following day that her step-sister had orchestrated her father’s murder. Gil explained intruders had shot his father.

While many fans wondered why the couple was initially matched, the couple’s wedding night conversation may answer some of those questions. Fans’ opinions on the couple’s success have not been the most positive, but we feel that they might actually have a shot at making their marriage work.

When the couple arrived on their honeymoon, however, things did get off to a rocky start. Myrla made it very clear she was not happy with the hotel they were staying in, calling it the “senior citizen’s center in Florida.” Gil did not seem pleased with Myrla’s remarks, but hopefully, the couple can overlook the first day of their honeymoon and set course for smoother sailing.

While the two may have some financial differences, both have been through a challenging experience that few others could relate to.

Will this be part of the glue that holds the couple together?

Rachel’s family spills the tea to Jose

The first night was good in Jose and Rachel’s land. The couple seemed very pleased with each other and at least initially physically attracted to each other. The two cuddled and kissed on their first night together and seemed fairly comfortable with each other.

But there has to be a morning after, and Jose’s meeting with Rachel’s friend and mother didn’t go as well.

Rachel’s friend and mother spilled the tea on her messy ways, and Jose looked concerned. They also expressed her poor car hygiene and driving habits, which caused Jose to take a big breath and brace himself.

On the other side of things, Rachel met with Jose’s family, and they let her know he was very structured, financially and otherwise. Rachel was hopeful that some of Jose’s financially savvy ways might rub off on her as she admitted saving was not her strong suit.

Jose and Rachel San Miguel started their honeymoon off strong, with lots of cuddling and kissing. Could this couple actually rise above Brett and Ryan in our Most Likely to Succeed list?

It certainly is starting to seem that way!

Zack meets with Michaela’s council of sisters

Michaela’s group of sisters are a force to be reckoned with. Protective, kind, and, let’s be honest, hilarious. However, the sisters took it fairly easy on Zack over brunch in comparison to the grilling he had received from them the night before at their wedding.

The night before, the sisters had busted out their interrogation lamps and asked Zack about everything from past relationships to how he would support their sister. Zack weaved and dodged the onslaught of questions like a prizefighter, but eventually, the sisters were satisfied and eased up.

Also, congratulations are in order for Michaela and Zack Freeman because these two lovebirds were the first of Season 13 to consummate their marriage!

But before we celebrate too hard, there also might be some condolences in order, as the first night of the honeymoon revealed Zack was feeling under the weather and may actually have COVID-19. Not a great way to start a trip to paradise.

Brett might end up using Ryan’s pre-wedding gift in more ways than one

Brett and Ryan Ignasiak’s first night as a married couple seemed to go fairly well, but when Brett met with Ryan’s friends and family for the meet the in-law’s brunch, things took a turn.

His friends reiterated that she was not generally his type and that Ryan, the serial dater, generally dated “potatoes.” Which they explained were good-looking women with no substance.

The friends said that they felt they might have been matched due to Brett’s outgoing personality. They expressed she might help “pull Ryan out of his shell.” Brett looked disturbed by that response and replied she had never had to “pull anyone out of their shell” before. Uh oh. It looks like those running shoes Ryan gifted Brett might end up getting even more use as she bolts towards the exit door of their marriage — not to mention the plane.

Brett almost used the shoes again to run in the opposite direction of the plane that took the couple on their honeymoon, since as it turns out, Brett is afraid of flying. While Ryan seemed patient with Brett and tried to make her feel comfortable, he told the cameras later that it was not something he liked about her, as he loved to travel, and if it had been any other girl, and not his wife, he probably would not have gone out with her again after that type of flight. Ouch!

The show came to a close with the couples arriving on their honeymoon in the Florida Keys and settling into their beds for the night.

If MAFS history has taught us anything, it is that the honeymoon is where things tend to get very real for the couples, so we are on the edge of our seats to see what next week’s episode will hold for the Season 13 newlyweds.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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