MAFS Season 13: Do Myrla and Gil have a shot at making their marriage work?

MAFS Gil Cuera waits for his bride
Gil waits at the altar for his new bride Myrla. Pic credit: Lifetime

To be or not to be? That is the Myrla Feria and Gil Cuera relationship question.

Will this couple pull a Romeo and Juliet, and find love against all the odds? Or will their relationship reach a similarly tragic ending? Well, hopefully not Romeo and Juliet level tragic, but an ending nonetheless?

We love a good underdog

Ok, so maybe this couple wasn’t at the top of our Most Likely To Succeed List, but it doesn’t mean this couple is without their merits. Besides, who doesn’t love a good underdog?

While many Married at First Sight fans and experts alike think this couple may have just booked a one-way ticket to divorce, we feel this couple does have a few good things going for them.

The debate over whether Myrla is “high class” or “high maintenance” continues on social media, but it’s unclear yet which side of the debate Gil is going to fall on.

While he did ask the experts for someone who was not “high maintenance” or an “Instagram model” and Myrla could possibly be considered both, there is still some hope that Gil could come around.

Gil works as a firefighter, and although it is a noble profession, it is not one that generally comes with a large salary. That, coupled with Gil’s family background, could be a contributing factor as to why he does not often splurge on himself with expensive clothes or big trips. Perhaps with Myrla’s additional income and financial security, Gil can loosen the purse strings a little and be able to enjoy his life in a way he hasn’t before.

It’s possible that part of why he did not want a “high maintenance” woman is because he did not prioritize those types of things financially. Perhaps with Myrla entering the picture, she can show him how to enjoy some of the finer things in life. So while this theory may crash and burn over time, we like to play devil’s advocate and at least present it as a possibility.

Myrla and Gil have some similarities

While the two do seem to be acquiring a large stack of differences, there are some places of solid common ground for the couple. Both Myrla Feria and Gil Cuera come from a Colombian background and enjoy celebrating that culture. Both speak Spanish and have only Spanish-speaking mothers, so being able to communicate with each other’s family easily, is a big plus here.

Gil enjoys salsa dancing and that seems like something Myrla could really enjoy too. In fact, Gil teaching Myrla how to salsa might be a good bonding experience for the two, and a footstep in the direction of getting to know each other more physically in a safe and neutral environment.

Both Myrla and Gil also want kids, which as we have seen from previous seasons, can be a real make-it-or-break-it area for couples, so the fact the two are on the same page with this is a big plus. The two also agree on religion, culture, and language expectations for their children. Another huge hurdle that many couples have to overcome.

The two also do find each other at least somewhat physically attractive. Although Myrla had previously stated she did not like bald men, the fact that Gil was bald did not seem to bother her, and she said he had “kind eyes.” The two haven’t yet kissed, but they do seem at least reasonably physically attracted to each other.

The verdict isn’t in

While the couple does have a lot stacked against them, they also have some pretty good things going for them. We are not necessarily saying this couple is going to be one of the MAFS success stories we all hope for, but we don’t think their fate is written in stone yet either.

We have seen other MAFS couples overcome worse; disagreements on family and finance, explosive fights, no initial physical attraction, etc. One of the greatest things about MAFS is that there is no discounting the human factor. The couples and the individuals that make them up can grow and change, and sometimes we are all pleasantly surprised when they grow together, even when fans and experts had all but given up on them.

So the verdict isn’t in, the gavel hasn’t dropped and the outcome is still unsure. We still think Gil and Myrla do have a shot, however small, of making it to Decision Day and maybe even beyond.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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