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MAFS recap: The final two weddings — The good the bad and the awkward

Brett Ignasiak looks nervous before he big day
Brett Ignasiak looks nervous before meeting her new husband, Ryan Pic credit: Lifetime

Well, it’s official. All five Season 13 MAFS couples have now tied the knot. Houston, we have our newlyweds!

Last night, the final two MAFS couples finally said “I do” while fans watched with bated breath to see how the two new couples would react upon their first meeting.

And it wasn’t the best, not the worst, but not the best.

Although each couple’s initial reaction to each other seemed to go pretty well, the interactions that followed we felt left something to be desired for the two sets of newlyweds.

Brett is a little less country and a little more rock and roll than new husband Ryan

Brett and Ryan Ignasiak shared their first dance as a couple to a country song as Ryan attempted to teach Brett to two step, and let’s just say she was not having it.

Brett said she felt like “a fish out of water” and said she was very anxious throughout the dance lesson. She refused the spins and stated that she was “not a country girl.” Which is a shame since Ryan appears to be the definition of a country boy.

Ryan’s friends let her know that he liked to hunt on the ranch, which Brett said would be an absolute no-go for her.

As the two spoke with each other’s family and friends at the reception, they soon discovered they had more than a few differences. Both admitted that the other was not really their general physical type initially and that fact was reiterated to them by the other’s friends and family.

This, unfortunately, tends to be the kiss of death in many MAFS couples. It doesn’t necessarily guarantee failure, as the MAFS Season 1’s OG Jamie Otis was so unattracted to her husband, Doug Hehner on first meeting, that she literally fell to the ground in tears. But those two have been married seven years and counting, with two children and one possibly soon on the way.

But it does seem to be a pattern, that many MAFS couples who are not the other’s “type” usually do not end up being able to overcome that difference and stay together. Although the couple does seem to be at least attracted to each other with some decent chemistry and a few things in common. So maybe their commitment to compromise and making the marriage work will pull them through to Decision Day.

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Jose’s quest for perfection causes a few nerves

Jose and Rachel’s San Miguel post-marital drinking game was adorable. The two shared something about themselves and clinked glasses if they had it in common and it turned out the two had almost everything in common. They are two Houston-born and raised, Spanish-speaking, sports-loving, fitness buffs. By all accounts, their compatibility on paper is spot on.

Jose expressed his nerves over whether Rachel was physically attracted to him, which caused him to make some hilariously awkward faces during the wedding photos. But Rachel’s laid-back and friendly ways soon put him at ease and the two were able to pull off some very cute pictures.

Rachel expressed her concern to the cameras following the couple’s dinner conversation where Jose told Rachel of his high expectations of a wife and the marriage, saying “I know what I want and I get what I want.” Rachel said she wasn’t sure she could meet those types of expectations.

But Jose ended the wedding day by saying that Rachel was everything that he had asked for and that he couldn’t be happier. Let’s hope that sentiment lasts all season long.

Michaela and Zack get up close and personal and meet the families

Michaela and Zack Freeman spent their wedding reception getting to know each other on a deeper level. The two had instant chemistry and talked about everything from Zack’s high school experiences to their past relationships.

The couple is definitely trying to start off on the right foot with a good foundation of understanding of each other. It seemed like they were asking all the right questions and genuinely trying to get to know one another. Fans and experts alike certainly have high hopes for this couple.

While Michaela got the run down on Zack’s persistent ways from his family, Zack got the third degree from Michaela’s sisters. The trio asked him about everything from past relationships, to what he thought about his new wife being three years older than him.

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Zack bobbed and weaved through the questions and finally, they all seemed to get on the same page. It seems the real ones to please in the marriage…will be Michaela’s triple threat sisters.

The two ended their night in marital bliss as their instant and natural chemistry led to cuddling and joking in their hotel suite, and the way the couple left things, it seems like they might have been the season’s first couple to consummate their marriage.

Bao and Johnny have a Love Language clash

As Bao and Johnny Lam chatted over their first marital meal, the two discovered that despite all their commonalities they did have one big difference… their love languages. Love languages are how individuals like to give and receive love in a relationship, and there are five types: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and gift-giving.

Johnny has made it very clear he is all about the physical. Johnny’s request of the matchmakers was a woman who would slap his booty at least once a day. Well, it seems Bao may not be that girl. At least not yet.

Bao expressed that physical touch is “rock bottom” of her love language list and Johnny’s concern was obvious. While meeting with Bao’s family, Johnny expressed his concern stating that even with his family he was very physical. Johnny asked Bao’s brothers if their family was like that, and they replied “no.” They said they did not even hug as a family. Johnny’s face dropped.

Bao said she is a gifts and acts of service kind of girl. But she does seem open to trying new things and compromising with her husband. Love languages are not necessarily deal-breakers in a relationship, and with a little open-mindedness and a willingness to meet a partner in the middle, the differences in them can easily be worked through.

Bao also revealed that she had always had a small crush on Johnny since college and fans around the world melted. Bao went on to say that she felt the universe had a plan for them because she used to have a crush on him, and now Johnny was her husband. These two definitely have all the makings of a long-term, successful couple.

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Myrla and Gil struggle to find common ground

Myrla Feria and her new husband Gil seem to be on slightly different pages about well… almost everything.

Gil is locked and loaded for the initial physical. He was ready for kisses on the lips, even consummating the marriage on the first night. Myrla was much more reserved and only allowed him a kiss on the cheek.

Gil stated he was traditional and would like for Myrla to change her last name to his, Myrla was unsure she was willing to do that.

Gil has a big furry, “slobbery” dog, Myrla doesn’t like animals, especially of the furry and drooling variety.

Gil is bald. Myrla doesn’t like bald men.

Gil is very conservative in spending, Myrla likes to splurge, so much so that some people (including Gil’s friends) might and did call her high maintenance.

Is there anything this couple does agree on? The two seem like they will have a lot of compromising to do if they want this thing to work. But there have been couples with far bigger obstacles to overcome in their relationships and are still together, take for example Season 9’s Beth and Jamie, whose epic brawls were the stuff of MAFS legends, so as we’ve seen, overcoming a lot of differences, is not impossible in MAFS land.

So there it is MAFS fans, the end of the weddings and the beginning of the rest of the couple’s lives. Soon they will be off on their honeymoons where, as we’ve seen from previous seasons, the rubber really starts to meet the road.

Will these couples walk away with lifelong marriages? Or will Decision Day be the end of the road for some of these Season 13’ers?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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