MAFS: Jamie Otis reveals she is not pregnant yet but is still hopeful

Jamie Otis smiles with baby daughter Henley
Jamie Otis holds her daughter Henley. Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS original Jamie Otis captured fans’ attention this week by posting a photo to Instagram of a pregnancy test. Unfortunately, the test was negative… at least for now.

Jamie did say there was a chance that she had taken the test a little too early, and would take another one over the next couple of days.

A few days prior, Jamie had posted a picture of another pregnancy test, but that initial test had come back inconclusive; “That’s what ya get for a dollar store pregnancy test” Jamie had joked.

Jamie stated she would try another test first thing the following morning and went on to reveal that she and her husband Doug, had been secretly trying to get pregnant for the past 6.5 months!

It was certainly a surprise for fans as Jamie hadn’t mentioned it at all and in fact, had just recently been spotted partying it up for her birthday in Miami with some of the other MAFS stars. Talk about throwing fans off the scent!

Jamie is not giving up on baby number three just yet

Following the initial test, Jamie kept fans waiting an extra day to reveal the negative results of the second test, no doubt to allow time for her own disappointment to dissipate.

But despite the test being negative, Jamie remains hopeful. In her post, she went on to say that it had taken her and her husband Doug, 18 months and two losses to conceive their second child, son Hendrix, so she was not giving up hope yet.

Jamie says she “feels in her heart” that their family is not yet complete. She feels that two more babies are in their family’s future, although she admits husband Doug, is really only cool with one more addition so far(sounds like she’s got some convincing to do.)

Is baby number three meant to be?

In Jamie’s post of the first pregnancy test, she had gone on to explain that the reason she felt that she might be pregnant had actually come about due to a psychic reading she had received from a guest on her and husband Doug’s podcast, “Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.”

The psychic had told Jamie and hubby Doug, that they would be both expecting a baby and moving into a new home by July. Although the most recent test is not showing a positive result just yet, Jamie hasn’t lost faith and assures fans that not only will she take another test, but that they will keep trying to extend their family.

Jamie Otis has high hopes for a new baby being on its way

Jamie Otis is very well known for speaking out on the topics of miscarriages and fertility issues and she often shares her own personal journey in relation to these issues.

Jamie explains in both posts that each of her previous children had taken around a year to conceive and that there had been several miscarriages before she had been able to successfully carry a baby to term.

She says that although it took a lot of patience and some loss, both of her children were “well worth the wait” and Doug will just keep on trying for baby number three.

Although it might not be a yes just yet, if Jamie isn’t giving up hope, than neither are we! Here’s hoping the third pregnancy test will be the charm!

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