Jamie and Beth from Married at First Sight: Where are they now?

Jamie and Beth
Season 9’s Jamie and Beth had a very passionate yet volatile relationship from the very beginning, Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice had one of the most explosive relationships on Married at First Sight.

Appearing in Season 9, the couple did plenty of arguing, name-calling, and threatening to end it all. However, at the end of the season, the couple decided to stay together, despite everything.

Since the season ended, the couple has still seemed to be going through ups and downs in the relationship.

Recently Jamie posted a cryptic message on his Instagram, leading fans to conclude that there was a lot of trouble in paradise. Around Thanksgiving, he posted a photo of himself holding a glass with the caption, “Sometimes you have to spend holidays alone. More to come on this later.”

The couple had also stopped following each other on Instagram. Jamie never clarified his post, because the next Instagram story from Jamie was of him and Beth doing just fine. He even told a fan that they didn’t break up.

Jamie's Instagram
Jamie commented on his Instagram post that he and Beth weren’t broken up. Pic credit: Instagram/Jamie_the_hubby

During that time, it seemed like Beth was spending a lot of time outside of California. She posted pictures on Instagram of her in North Carolina running a marathon.

So what is going on with the MAFS couple now? Well, they seem to be doing just fine, living in California.

Jamie and Beth announced at the reunion that they were relocating to California from North Carolina because Jamie got a new job opportunity.

Beth posted right before Christmas that they took a spontaneous trip to the city.

They also posted each other as their “MCM” and “WCW”.

Beth is also posting a lot of Instagram stories about her beauty and health regimen. She also seems to be pretty close to the other brides from her season.

Here’s to hoping that Jamie and Beth from Season 9 of Married at First Sight continue to stay happily married.

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3 years ago

Beth please leave this toxic relationship. You can do so much better! Granted you can be difficult, spoiled, and high maintenance. However, you also seem like a nice, warm, fun, outgoing person. While your husband just seems means and treats you horribly! He called you a materialist b word. He also screamed at you to shut up twice in front of all the other couples, and then demanded an apology from you for “embarrassing yourself” in front of everyone, when it was him that should have been embarrassed and apologizing to you for the mean way he acted, once again. He made you feel bad just because you were going to work for your dad. Why he should even care as long as your happy is beyond me. This shows a very judgemental and critical side of him that he displayed again and again. Beyond that, he thinks you are not a “sexual being,” even though you have sex with him 3 to 4 times a week, which would make most men content. He is demanding, has anger issues, and seems to enjoy cutting you down. You were constantly crying, and he didn’t seem to care at all about your feelings. Please get out before it gets any worse!