MAFS: Paige said she was ‘literally flabbergasted’ when Chris asked her for a divorce

MAFS star Paige Banks admits to being flabbergasted when Chris Williams asked for a divorce
Paige Banks was flabbergasted by Chris Williams divorce request. Pic credit:Lifetime

Since the first episode of Married at First Sight, Chris Williams has been playing mind games as he and Paige Banks try to navigate a new marriage with the added stresses of being total strangers as they said their vows.

Chris has taken Paige through an emotional rollercoaster unlike no other, from telling her he had no attraction to her– after they had sex–to dropping a major bombshell that he was expecting a child with his ex-fiance, it just got progressively worse.

Interestingly, Paige was willing to stay committed to the process despite all the drama that Chris had put her through.

But the 27-year-old later expressed that he wanted out of the marriage.

Paige was flabbergasted by Chris William’s divorce request

Paige was a recent guest on Married at First Sight Unfiltered and she shared some insight into her marriage.

The couples were all expected to return to Atlanta and move in together, but Chris took a detour and went to Chicago instead.

Paige was then left to move into their shared space by herself and, when Chris finally returned, he had another bombshell for his new wife, he wanted a divorce!

During her stint on MAFS unfiltered, Paige explained why she was surprised by the revelation.

“I am literally flabbergasted,” admitted the 26-year-old. “You just told me a couple of days ago that I’m your wife and that I come before everyone.”

She continued, “And then to hop your behind on a plane and then come back to Atlanta with a new revelation that you wanna get back with the mother of your child is literally like a spit in my face.”

Chris Williams was playing mind games

Chris may have dropped the divorce bomb on Paige but he wasn’t done playing minds games with his wife just yet.

After their conversation, he whispered something in her ear that viewers were not privy to.

But Paige later shared exactly what he said and it left everyone confused and angry.

“Chris was whispering that his fear is falling in love with me,” said Paige to the camera.

And despite the fact that viewers saw right through his antics, the Married at First Sight star was drawn right back into the web.

“I’m very very confused,” admitted Paige after the new revelation. “Are we really really done?”

During her chat on Married at First Sight unfiltered, the reality TV personality explained how she felt when Chris made that admission.

“I’m like ‘why are you telling me this now?’ You literally just stated that you wanted to get a divorce.”

“So there should be no additional commentary in regards to where we stand in our relationship if you’ve made a decision that you wanted to be with someone else,” said Paige.

But as we all know by now, Paige gave Chris another chance, much to the frustration of viewers.As the pair struggle through their “reset,” MAFS viewers are just begging for the emotional roller coaster to stop.

And for now, their saga is still playing out on the show.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.