Paige reveals what was going through her mind when Chris dropped the pregnancy news

Paige Banks has been through a lot in her first few days of marriage. Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige Banks asked for a God-fearing man, and when she found out she was matched with someone who came from a line of ministers– she thought she was finally getting what she was looking for.

Getting Married at First Sight is always a risk, however, when it comes to the situation with Chris Williams, she’s getting a lot more than she signed up for.

Only a few hours into the marriage, Chris’s red flags already began to show. Although he was the driven man she was looking for on paper, he wasn’t afraid to tell her he wasn’t attracted to her after sleeping with her multiple times.

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Chris dropped a bomb a few days into the honeymoon

Paige received one of the biggest bombshells in MAFS history when her husband of a few days revealed his ex-fiancee was pregnant.

Appearing on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered, Paige talked to Jamie Otis about what is going through her head as she’s finding out this bombshell.

“I literally had a moment. Part of me was just dying inside,” she said. “We already have an attraction issue and now we have another big hurdle. I’m just like Lord, everything that I want is legitimately being taken away from me.”

What is still keeping Paige in the marriage?

Jamie Otis asked Paige what most fans are thinking, “At this point, what is keeping you in your marriage?”

“Jesus, honestly,” she replied. “This is a lot of information, a lot of stress– my anxiety is through in the roof right now. I’m trying not to be checked out because I am committed.”

After the honeymoon, instead of moving into their mutual apartment, Chris decided to fly out to Chicago instead. Upon his return, he tells Paige that he and the future mother of his child have decided to move forward together.

In his counseling session with Pastor Cal, he confirms that he wants to pursue a divorce with Paige. In this same conversation, it was revealed that Paige and Chris have been having unprotected sex almost every day since getting married despite the issues.

Although it seemed as if all ties were being cut, as soon as Pastor Cal leaves– Chris whispers in Paige’s ear something intentionally too quiet for the cameras to catch.

“His fear is falling in love with me,” Paige told producers about the intimate moment in a confessional.

When it comes to Chris giving his side of the story on Unfiltered, don’t hold your breath as he refuses to appear on it as long as Jamie Otis is the host. It’s clear he isn’t a fan of how vocal the alum has been about her opinion of him this season.

Do you think Paige needs to kick Chris to the curb or is she right in taking her vows seriously?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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