MAFS: Johnny’s comments are in shambles after his horrible treatment of Bao

With Johnny Lam’s social media now public, MAFS fans are taking the opportunity to tell him exactly how they feel. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 may be over, but Johnny Lam is still feeling the heat.

Now that the last episode of the season aired, the cast’s social media is finally public, and MAFS viewers are letting the 35-year-old know exactly how they really feel in his comment section on Instagram.

Johnny’s comments are in shambles after his horrible treatment of Bao

If there was anything that Johnny Lam was this season, it was brutally honest, to the point of harshness toward his wife Bao.

While Bao and Johnny initially seemed like a successful match based on their initial compatibility at their wedding, things quickly turned sour with Johnny’s picky tendencies taking center stage.

After admitting he would have rather been matched with “literally anyone else” than Bao, Johnny quickly made his descent onto the MAFS worst husbands list.

From questioning Bao’s genunity to seeking out her best friend secretly, MAFS fans are telling Johnny everything they wanted to say to him all season on social media.

“She couldn’t be herself because you always buff up your chest and leave the room,” one critic penned. “And come back to blame her.”

Pic credit: @lamj/Instagram

Another user hit on his past as a serial dater and wrote, “After being with so many women, you should know by now that you are the problem.”

The viewer added, “Bao was too good for you and glad she has a chance now to find the right person. You will regret later for losing her.”

Pic credit: @lamj/Instagram

Johnny is also getting bashed for his treatment of fellow Houston husband, Gil Cuero

Not only are fans bashing Johnny for his treatment of his ex-wife, but for his actions toward fellow husband and major fan-favorite Gil Cuero.

After Johnny’s flirty interactions with Gil’s ex-wife Myrla Feria at the reunion, the critics have definitely spoken.

“It’s sickening how you treated Gil and especially Bao. You’re never going to find a wife and you need some serious counseling buddy,” one observer wrote.

Pic credit: @lamj/Instagram
Pic credit: @lamj/Instagram

Adding even more fuel to the fire, Johnny added his own comment on-to Gil’s ex-wife’s recent Friendsgiving post, calling Myrla “wifey material.”

Do you think Johnny Lam and Myrla Feria are more than friends? Let us know in the comments.

Married at First Sight Season 14 premieres Wednesday, January 5th, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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