MAFS fans call Johnny ‘worst husband ever’ and compare him to ‘worst husbands’ of past seasons

MAFS Johnny looks away from wife, Bao.
MAFS Johnny avoids looking at his wife, Bao. Pic credit: Lifetime

From hero to zero in the span of a few short episodes. Married At First Sight Season 13’s Johnny Lam went from being a fan favorite to being labeled “worst husband ever” almost overnight.

Fans accuse Johnny of being ‘the worst husband ever’

Well, that escalated quickly. Johnny and Bao started off at the top of our (and many others) Most Likely To Succeed lists, but before we knew it, not only were things not good between Johnny and Bao, things between Johnny and the fans had turned sour too.

Sure, Johnny had some initial quirks; an obsessive love of hygiene, high (and odd) expectations of types of physical intimacy with a future wife, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for what the past few episodes brought for Johnny and Bao.

Most recently, Johnny confessed to Pastor Cal that he would have rather been matched with “literally anyone else” and felt Bao was both disingenuine and not putting forth effort in their relationship. He admitted he had the picture of an ideal woman in his head, and Bao simply wasn’t measuring up to that expectation.

Fans did not respond well to Johnny’s accusations, and his most recent dinner table confessional, well that wasn’t exactly a hit either. Johnny told Bao that her “one hundred percent effort” was his “one-hundred-fifty percent effort,” meaning he didn’t feel she was trying in the relationship and he felt she could do a lot more.

Following the incident fans took to the social media airwaves expressing their opinion on Johnny’s behavior over the past few episodes, calling him the “worst husband ever.”

Fans felt that Johnny was actually the one that was not putting in effort and was criticizing Bao and asking her to do more and more things, while not giving her credit for what she was doing, which they felt was a lot.

While the most recent incident was explosive, it wasn’t the first of its kind. In the previous week’s episode, Johnny walked out of a group dinner with the other couples, and confessed to his costar Jose and to the cameras, that he felt Bao was “manipulative, calculating and a liar.” A little harsh. He had also had revealed that when Bao got excited and giddy, it was a turn-off for him. Fans voiced their displeasure with Johnny by calling him toxic, but this week hit a whole new low for fans’ opinions of Johnny.

Fans compare Johnny to past MAFS season’s ‘worst husbands’

In fact, fans’ perception of Johnny has dropped so low, they are now beginning to compare him to some of the other bad boys of Married at First Sight.

Posts flooded in comparing Johnny to previous husbands such as Matt Gwynne, the Season 9 once basketball star that disappeared on his wife Amber Bowles for days and nights at a time, only to be discovered to be cheating on her throughout the entire season.

Fans also compared Johnny to Luke Cuccurullo, the Season 8 matchmaker who continued to sleep with his then-wife Kate Sisk, while simultaneously telling her he wasn’t attracted to her and blaming their relationship problems on her alleged “drinking problem.”

And last but not least, who could forget Season 10’s Zach Justice who had an ongoing romantic relationship with his wife Mindy Shiben’s best friend and bridesmaid, whom he met at their wedding. Yikes.

Not the greatest displays of husbandry we must admit, and now fans are adding Johnny Lam to the lineup.

While the comments continue to fly, next week’s trailer teases each Season 13 individual sitting down for a one-on-one with the experts, and as we have seen in previous seasons, the experts generally have a way of straightening out problem couples.

But even if Bao is able to forgive Johnny, it seems like the fans might be an even tougher sell.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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Barbara Lottt
Barbara Lottt
2 years ago

In the case of Ryan and Johnny it is obvious that they’ve had hamburger in their dating experiences. Now they have filet mignon and we are all shocked that they prefer the hamburger. Johnny needs help, and Ryan needs to smile. Both women deserve much better.