MAFS fans question what Gil Cuero’s stylish reunion look could reveal about his marriage with Myrla

Gil Cuero in a suit
Gil’s red bottom shoes and new beard caught the eye of MAFS fans. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13 revealed the couple’s Decision Day choices, and now MAFS fans are even more eager to get updates on the current status of the couples during the MAFS reunion.

The MAFS Season 13 reunion trailer got fans buzzing as it looks like there will be a lot of juicy reveals and even some emotional tears. 

Gil, in particular, stood out during the reunion trailer for several reasons. 

Not only was Gil rocking a new beard that many MAFS viewers have been gushing about, but he was also seen walking off and crying which was surprising considering Gil was not one to ever shed a tear during the season. 

In addition to that, MAFS fans couldn’t help but notice the sharp suit and red bottom shoes that Gil was wearing during the reunion. His flashy attire has led some MAFS viewers to speculate on what it could mean about his relationship with Myrla. 

Gil’s shoes get fans talking about whether Myrla has influenced him 

Married at First Sight fan account @mafspoc shared a photo of Gil Cuero at the reunion with an arrow pointing directly at his red bottom shoes. 

The shoes stood out because of the long-standing narrative that Myrla loved designer shoes and expensive things while Gil treasured the little things in life. So it was interesting to see Gil be the one in the flashy shoes.

MAFS viewers flooded the comments to share their thoughts with many believing the shoes are a sign that he and Myrla were still together and that Myrla had “upgraded” his wardrobe. 

One fan commented, “Gil done took a walk on the luxurious side! I bet Myrla picked them out!” 

Meanwhile, other fans expressed feeling confident that Gil’s shoes were a gift from his wife. 

Another commenter made the valid point that just because Gil is more passion-motivated than money-motivated doesn’t mean he can’t like nice things. The comment read, “He never said he didn’t like fine things. He just isn’t exorbitant/excessive. It should be in moderation.” 

mafspoc comment section
Pic credit: @mafspoc/Instagram

MAFS viewers pinpoint other aspects of Gil’s look that significantly stood out 

One viewer recalled that Myrla had voiced liking beards at the start of the season, so it could be a good sign that Gil is rocking a beard. 

mafspoc comment section
Pic credit: @mafspoc/Instagram

While most of the commenter’s observations pointed towards Myrla and Gil possibly still being together, some fans caught signs of why Myrla and Gil might have split up.

Observant viewers noted that Gil wasn’t wearing a wedding ring during the reunion and also that Gil and Myrla aren’t sitting together in a shot of the cast sitting as a group. 

Tune into the reunion to finally get answers surrounding Gil and Myrla’s current relationship status. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

Johnny broke the guy/bro code in my eyes. Gil should have “b***h slapped” him on that stage.