MAFS: Viewers are getting tired of Gil’s complaints about Myrla and her lifestyle

MAFS Gil looks confused
MAFS Gil is confused by Myrla’s lifestyle. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Gil Cuero is sick of his wife Myrla’s high-class lifestyle, and viewers are sick of him. This week fans took to social media to throw shade at Gil for continuing to ask Myrla to change the lifestyle they feel she has worked hard to achieve.

Where’s the problem, Gil?

Gil is not impressed with Myrla’s lifestyle, the closet full of designer clothes, the traveling, and the high rise living are just not Gil’s vibe. But fans are wondering, why is it not allowed to be Myrla’s?

Fans could get if Myrla’s spending was sending everyone to the poor house, but she is not asking Gil to pay for anything, in fact not only does she make almost twice what he does, she has a sizeable savings account, compared to his nonexistent one.

Myrla has a budget, has no debt, pays off all credit cards, and has a sizeable savings account, so by all definitions she is managing her money very well, in comparison to Gil who just started a new career, and has no savings.

If anything it sounds like Gil should be taking advice on finances from his Leadership Coach wife.

Because if Myrla is able to enjoy the lifestyle she has worked hard for, and can readily afford it, then viewers are wondering, “where’s the problem, Gil?”

Is Gil intimidated by Myrla’s success?

So if Myrla can afford her lifestyle, makes more money than Gil, and isn’t asking Gil to pay for anything, could there be something else driving Gil’s complaints? Fans are beginning to wonder if it is actually Gil’s insecurities that are driving the conversations between him and Myrla.

While Gil says he is fine with Myrla making more money than he is, it certainly doesn’t seem that way to viewers as the conversation continues to come up and the two continue to reach a stalemate. As Gil fires at Myrla that she needs to compromise but can’t quite tell her what the compromise would be, Myrla balks at changing her lifestyle, especially for no reason Gil can provide.

It has created some tense moments between the couple and a resolution on the matter is yet to come. But fans think there might not be one as they feel Gil needs to realize it is his own insecurities and not anything Myrla should have to change.

MAFS viewers feel Gil is intimated by Myrla's success.
Pic credit: @Myt_Mouse76/Twitter

The feud between Myrla and Gil over finances and lifestyle is nothing new. In fact, from the beginning many fans weighed in on Myrla’s lifestyle, debating if it was “high maintenance” or “high class.”

Gil had made it clear in the Matchmaking episode that he did not want a “high maintenance, Instagram model.” But the experts paired him with Myrla who many did deem “high maintenance” and who had a sizeable Instagram following, causing many to wonder why the two were matched in the first place.

But to the surprise of many, Gil and Myrla were able to pull it out and become one of the most drama-free couples of the season. But now with Decision Day just around the corner the differences that had seemed small at the beginning are now looking almost insurmountable.

Gil and Myrla have one big decision to make, and if Gil can’t come around to Myrla’s lifestyle, then the two may not make it past the big day.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

Gil can do so much better than this spoiled brat. All she ever does is complain. People that don’t see that are nuts and delusional. Myrla is NOT a likeable person, she is queen if the “Debbie downer’s” and not many people would want to be around someone that has a nasty remark about everything. She needs to find some rich brat who is as stuck up as she is, and let Gil find a woman who is not so pessimistic! I can’t stand to hear her whining voice, and getting tired of her, period. Oh yeah, wash that nasty looking hair Myrla!