MAFS Exclusive Interview: Beth and Jaime on moving to Santa Barbara, lockdown, and giving each other space

MAFS couple Beth and Jamie.
Season 9 Married at First Sight couple Beth and Jaime have learned to communicate Pic credit: Lifetime

Marriage isn’t easy but it’s especially hard when you don’t know your spouse until meeting them at the altar.

What started out as a bumpy ride, Charlotte singles Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice proved with enough effort and some trust in the experts — the unique take on arranged marriage can work.

Although there were some points where fans weren’t sure if the season 9 couple were going to stay together on decision day, they proved the naysayers wrong and have stayed united since leaving the show.

Continuing to share their lives with fans, the couple recently made a cross-country move and established new roots in California. From ghost hunts to food challenges, it’s clear Beth and Jamie like to have fun together.

Monsters & Critics recently spoke with Beth and Jamie about life in lockdown, their new house, and the concerts they can’t wait to go to.

Monsters & Critics: Being from the Bay Area, I know exactly what you meant when you say there’s not a lot of space to move out here. You made quite a few address changes since being married. How’s the adjustment been from Charlotte to Northern California to down South? 

Beth and Jamie: Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast has been a huge adjustment. But it has also been a really fun adventure. We have to say we do love it here down in Southern California. The weather is amazing and we can’t get enough of the beach. So all around we are adjusting really nicely here. 

M&C: Your home is obviously gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of your secret garden. What’s your favorite thing about your new neighborhood?

Beth and Jamie: The favorite thing about our neighborhood is that it’s close to everything. We are just a 5-minute ride to the beaches and hiking trails are really close by too. We love trying all of the new restaurants. Santa Barbara has some amazing restaurants and wine tasting rooms. It will be hard to ever leave this area. 

M&C: While it’s no secret your start wasn’t the smoothest, you two have made it work and made the match a success story. What did you two have to learn to make it work?

Beth and Jamie: After going through the process of Married at First Sight, the challenge was figuring out what we both wanted together. We had to work on being patient with one another while we navigated into our new life. It was a lot of adjusting but the longer we are together the closer we have become. It hasn’t been rainbows and butterflies the whole way but we have made it work and we are so proud of ourselves. 

M&C: With work and home being the same place, what have you been doing to try to separate the two?

Beth and Jamie: We give each other space. We know when maybe someone needs the office sometimes one of us will work outside. We take turns with breakfast and lunch. We try to switch things up here and there. But we really love working from home together. It’s been a lot of fun!

M&C: What’s something you learned about your spouse after being stuck together in the lockdown?

Beth and Jamie: The number one thing we have learned about each other in Quarantine is that we both really like routines. We have really mastered that during all of these lockdowns and also Jamie is a really good cook! 

M&C: What’s the first concert you want to go to post COVID?

Beth: The first concert I would want to go to is Ariana Grande all the way. It was the last concert I got to go to and I would do it all over again. 

Jamie: I would love to go see The Weekend. He’s gotten me through Quarantine. 

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam airs on Thursdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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