MAFS Couples Cam exclusive: Beth and Jamie think their house is haunted

Beth and Jamie from Married at First Sight
Beth and Jamie are ghosthunters as they think their new home is haunted. Pic credit: Lifetime

Beth and Jamie are one of the most entertaining couples to be featured on Married at First Sight: Couples Cam and this week’s sneak peek definitely does not disappoint.

It all starts with the pair setting up to do a bit of ghost hunting as Beth is convinced that they are not alone in their home. She believes that a ghost lives there with them and wants to know if it has good or bad intentions.

This scene has all the makings of an episode of Ghost Adventures, and while Zak Bagans doesn’t burst in with his team, it seems that the Married at First Sight couple may have something to worry about.

Jamie and Beth’s creepy night

This exclusive MAFS Couples Cam sneak peek starts out with Jamie popping up in night vision to tell viewers, “Alright babe, we are under the chandelier. What do you feel?”

And we can tell you what we feel… and that is creeped out!

The scene quickly cuts to Beth and Jamie in a confessional, where she admits, “There’s a ghost in this house. Or so we think so…and I’m trying to connect with Angela.”

It’s not quite clear how Beth knows this supposed ghost’s name or if she just made one up for the possible paranormal roommate.

Back in night vision, we hear Jamie ponder how to know whether this is a good ghost or a bad ghost.

“Alright Angela, what’s going on? Why are you here?” Beth asks the chandelier.

The couple wants to know if Angela is stuck in their house and why. Can they help her to move on? Or is Angela a bad ghost with ill intentions?

Either way, Beth makes it clear that they are “not going anywhere.” So they need to either make nice with their ghost or help it to move on.

Everything goes dark

As they are trying to communicate with the supposed ghost in their house, something really scary happens. The camera goes dark and for a moment, it looks like Angela has reacted to Beth and Jamie’s questions.

When the camera comes back on, Beth is clearly freaked out and may be rethinking what she said about “not going anywhere” because now, she is saying, “Uh uh, nope, f**k this, nope, nope…”

At this point, Beth demands that Jamie turn the light back on because “weird s**t is starting to happen” and while she wanted to communicate with the ghost, it seems that she wasn’t ready for any of it at all.

Maybe it’s time for a little sage or, like mentioned above, a visit from Zak Bagans. Clearly, Beth and Jamie aren’t ready to share their space with Angela and her communication style isn’t working for them either.

Be sure to tune in and see what happens with Beth, Jamie, and their ghost, as well as the other still-married couples from Married at First Sight, like Deonna and Greg, who are currently expecting their first child.

Beth and Jamie from Married at First Sight
Beth and Jamie are ghost hunters as they think their new home is haunted. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Couples Cam airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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