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MAFS Couples Cam exclusive: Deonna and Greg talk babies and nude beaches while playing The Newlywed Game

Greg and Deonna are one of the most beloved Married at First Sight couples in the history of the show. Now, they are featured on Couples Cam, where this duo continues to prove how perfect they are for each other while awaiting the arrival of their first baby.

So when Deonna tells Greg that they are getting ready to play the baby edition of The Newlywed Game in this exclusive Couples Cam sneak peek, we know we’re in for a treat. After all, we can’t get enough of these two!

Deonna and Greg quiz each other about taking care of the baby

The first question that Deonna asks Greg could easily turn into a fight. After all, she asked him, “Who would be the person to get up most during the night?”

Quickly, Greg responds, “Bruh, that’s you babe!”

To which Deonna says, “Sharing is caring!”

Uh oh! Greg has previously said that he’s hoping for eight kids with Deonna but this could put a damper on future baby making plans.

And as the two bicker over who is getting up with the baby, parents everywhere can surely relate.

It becomes clear that Greg is in for quite an experience after Deonna asks, “Will you be able to handle dirty diaper changes?”

Greg says, “No!” and she lets out a belly laugh.

Then, it seems that he will consider a compromise, which Pastor Cal would likely tell any couple, is important for a successful partnership.

“If I have to be up all night, you’re going to be doing all the diapers,” Greg says. And even though Deonna protests, he says, “That’s 50/50.”

Jealous dogs and nude beaches?

It seems that Greg and Deonna haven’t given much thought to how their dog might react to having a new family member in the house. After all, when Deonna asks, “How do you think Sandy is going to react to the baby?” Greg is quick to respond that Sandy will be licking all over the baby.

Both Greg and Deonna muse about whether or not their precious pup will be jealous of the baby but both of them seem to think that Sandy will be fine once their new baby comes into the world.

The funniest question of the bunch ended up being about where he’d want to go on their first trip after the baby comes, clearly, without the baby.

Greg quickly answers that he wants to go to a nude beach and despite Deonna’s protest, he makes it clear that it’s okay to get naked because, “It ain’t no crime, everybody nude.”

To see more of Greg and Deonna’s baby edition of The Newlywed Game and catch up with more of the couples, be sure to tune in and see what everyone is up to.

Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill on MAFS Couples Cam
Greg and Deonna play the Newlywed Game, except it’s the baby edition as they await the arrival of their little one. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Couples Cam airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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