Deonna McNeill shows off growing baby bump during a spa day with husband Greg Okotie

Deonna and Greg are producing the franchise’s fifth baby. Pic credit: Lifetime

Deonna McNeil and Greg Okotie are one match the experts got right. Originally on the Married at First Sight season based in Charlotte, the couple had instant chemistry and were able to make it work all the way onto decision day.

It’s been almost two years since Greg and Deonna were married as strangers and the couple is thriving.  The stay at home order gave Deonna and Greg time to focus on expanding their family.

They’ve documented their journey of fertility and pregnancy and are finally expecting their first child.

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They can’t wait to be parents

The two made the pregnancy announcement on the Married at First Sight spin-off Couple’s Cam and are super excited to become the fifth couple in the franchise to have a child.

However, they are a little nervous, as Greg recently had to close his tutoring center due to COVID-19. Although they will be switching to a one-income household, Greg has joked that he’ll be a great stay at home dad.

Deonna shows off her growing baby bump

After trying fertility-inducing yoga and foods, it’s only right they continue the extra effort during her pregnancy.

Deonna showed off her growing baby bump on a spa day with her husband. The MAFS star was treated to an organic facial that only further enhanced her pregnancy glow.

The facial gave her some relaxation during these stressful times.

“Although I was already glowing from the pregnancy, my glow is on another level now!!,” she explained.

Fans have loved Deonna and Greg since Season 9 and equally excited about the new addition.

Fans offered their congratulations in the comments. One user wrote, “Just love that you guys are married and expecting! Was rooting for you from day 1!!!!”

It’s clear that the couple is overwhelmed with happiness and cannot wait to welcome the new addition.

Do you think the MAFS couple is having a boy or a girl?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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