MAFS: Danielle Dodd claps back after Married At First Sight fan says she’s changed

MAFS Danielle Dodd looks tense
MAFS Danielle Dodd is over the haters. Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle Dodd has had enough. A recent fan comment had the Married At First Sight Season 7 alum reach her breaking point, and she wasn’t afraid to show it.

Danielle claps back at a disgruntled fan’s comment

A recent fan Instagram comment accused Danielle Dodd of changing and pointed to the fact that she doesn’t wear makeup anymore, as proof. Danielle was not having it.

Danielle didn’t hesitate to respond to the accusation by defending herself and her lack of makeup by saying that she did not place value on herself based on if she wore makeup or not.

Danielle went on to say that many women place value on the wrong things, and whether or not someone is wearing makeup, is one of them. She pointed out there was no need for her to wear makeup when she was just sitting at home, seeing no one but her two small children.

She added that she felt that it was unfortunate that some people (specifically the fan who commented) felt that wearing makeup was the only way to value a woman’s worth.

Danielle made it clear she is tired of the “mommy shaming” and other negative comments and she won’t be quietly tolerating them anymore.

MAFS Danielle Dodd responds to a fans hateful comment
Pic credit: @_daniellenicole_/Instagram

Danielle fights back against ‘mommy shamers’

Unfortunately, this is not Danielle’s first rodeo with negative comments on her Instagram.

Danielle recently took a stand against “mommy shamers” who had criticized her over social media for having trouble balancing her work and home life. Danielle admitted she had felt pressure to achieve being the perfect mother, partner, and employee while trying to maintain her and her MAFS husband, Bobby Dodd’s, home.

Danielle said that a lot of the pressure actually came from social media, where it appeared everyone had it all together and all she saw was picture after picture of perfectly cleaned and curated homes filled with picture-perfect mothers and children.

Danielle tearfully revealed on a recent MAFS Couple’s Cam episode that things were going to have to change. She admitted she simply could not handle all of the responsibilities on her plate and that she was going to speak to Bobby about implementing some changes in the home.

While the episode ended on a high note, with Bobby helping her out with a day off and a housecleaner, many of the fan’s comments were less than supportive.

Fans fired off criticisms for Danielle not being able to handle her responsibilities and some weighed in on how much harder they had it than she did. Danielle responded to the comments saying that those types of comparisons and shame were exactly why many mothers struggled.

Although Danielle is known for her demure personality, it is clear from her recent posts that hateful comments on her Instagram will simply not be tolerated.

She continues to speak out against “mommy shaming” and all those who feel she is less than or has changed because she no longer prioritizes makeup. She hopes that her speaking out will encourage other mothers who are also struggling.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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