MAFS: Danielle Dodd fires back at mommy shamers comments

MAFS Danielle Dodd looks upset
MAFS Danielle Dodd fires back Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight’s Danielle Dodd has had enough of the mommy shaming comments that popped up on the fan forums following the latest MAFS Couples Cam episode.

Danielle posted to her Instagram a picture of her and baby Olivia with some choice words for all those who had posted hateful comments about her recent Couples Cam episode.

After the episode, Danielle admitted she looked on the fan forums, or what she called the “pits of misery,” to see the response, and she was apparently not pleased with what she found.

Danielle responded to the other mothers who attempted to shame her by pointing out that they had been through worse parenting struggles and handled it, by saying the reason she and other mothers felt alone was exactly because of comments like that.

The MAFS mom and wife continued saying the people posting the hateful comments were either not mothers themselves or had forgotten what it was like because she knew that every mother had bad days.

Danielle Dodd hit her breaking point

In the recent Couples Cam episode, Danielle had come clean to the cameras saying she had reached her breaking point and things had to change. She admitted she was having trouble juggling the responsibilities of being a stay-at-home mom of two young children, and the household chores and other responsibilities she had.

She went on to say that seeing the dirty home that she did not have time to clean, was adding to her stress level. She appealed to the MAFS audience, wondering if she was the only one feeling that way because when she looked on Instagram all she saw were clean homes and pristinely dressed kids and parents.

In her post, Danielle started off by saying that after the episode aired that she had received “HUNDREDS of private DMs” from other mothers offering support and encouragement.

The post continues by saying that other mothers often don’t have a camera following their parenting journey, which can include a lot of ups and downs. She goes on to express her desire to be authentic with the MAFS audience in that often she does struggle with two young children which means many days are makeup-free and messy.

She ends the post by expressing that she now knows she is not alone in her parenting struggles and offers words of encouragement to other mothers, by letting them know that they aren’t alone in having a tough time either.

It’s got to be a struggle to have every moment of your marriage and parenting journey documented on camera and we have to appreciate Danielle’s commitment to authenticity. Hopefully, in the future, she will steer clear from any more forrays down the “pits of misery” and keep more towards the good vibes of her encouraging DM messages. Good luck Danielle!

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