MAFS Couples’ Cam: Danielle Dodd tells Bobby things have got to change

Danielle Dodd listens intently
MAFS Danielle Dodd listens intently to husband, Bobby Pic credit: Lifetime

MAFS Season 7 golden couple Danielle and Bobby Dodd have hit some tough terrain in their home life and Danielle has had enough.

Danielle hits her breaking point

MAFS Couples’ Cam revealed that Danielle has hit her wall. Danielle cried to the camera as she revealed she was struggling to find balance in all the roles and responsibilities in her life. Danielle stated she did not understand how other mothers were able to accomplish all they had to do, that all she saw on social media was people posing with their perfectly dressed children in their clean homes.

Danielle confessed she was stressed and unable to meet all her responsibilities. She expressed that she was suffering from anxiety and that the messy home that she was unable to clean was adding to her stress.

Danielle tells Bobby she’s had enough

Danielle and Bobby Dodd are from MAFS Season 7 Dallas and are actually the only couple still together from that season.

Danielle and Bobby recently added a new baby to their family of three, bringing them up to a family of four, with two children under the age of four. Due to the pandemic, Danielle is staying home with the kids while Bobby goes to work during the day. Danielle admitted she was struggling to do anything other than taking care of the children, and that as soon as one stops crying, the other one starts.

Couples’ Cam showed that Danielle sat Bobby down and told him something had to change. Danielle expressed her stress over the dirty home and how difficult it was to be home alone all day with both children and no help. Bobby, the ever understanding husband, asked how he could support Danielle. Danielle replied she wasn’t sure how he would since he was at work all day. The two continued talking and came up with an idea.

Danielle gets a day off

Couples’ Cam revealed that Bobby took the day off work to give Danielle a break. Danielle took the day off from full-time mommy duty and headed off for coffee and a walk. When she returned home, Bobby sat holding the baby in a spotless home. Danielle was elated.

Bobby revealed he had had a little help and had hired someone to come in and clean while he watched the babies. Bobby suggested they begin doing that more often, to take the stress of cleaning off of Danielle. Danielle replied that it was such a relief to come home to a clean home and it really helped her stress and anxiety level.

As usual, these two have used their couple’s problem-solving skills to come up with a solution that worked for both of them. Nice job you two.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime

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