Bobby and Danielle Dodd announce the arrival of second baby

Danielle and Bobby welcome their new son right before the holidays. Pic Credit: @_daniellenicole__/Instagram

It finally happened! A new Married at First Sight baby has made its way into the world. Danielle and Bobby Dodd from the season based in Dallas have announced they are officially a family of four.

Arriving in at strong 6 pounds and 5 ounces, Robert Elvin Dodd IV was born the morning of December 14. The fourth of his line to carry the family name, it’s obvious father Dodd is super excited about his new son.

Although the new baby was supposed to be coming the day after Christmas, he made his appearance a week earlier.

Baby Dodd came early to avoid a tough delivery

Danielle suffers from HELLP syndrome and the symptoms were slowly starting to make their way back this delivery.

HELLP causes a low platelet count and elevated liver enzymes. With this condition, the young mother has a high chance of seizure and stroke. Her previous delivery with their first daughter Olivia proved how dangerous the condition could be.

The only solution to this was inducing pregnancy three weeks early.

“We are SO excited to announce the birth of our baby boy; Robert Elvin Dodd lV. This time around we got the birth story of our dreams, given the circumstances. Because symptoms of HELLP were beginning to set in, we were induced 3 weeks early but were able to have a smooth and peaceful birth!” said a statement prepared by the Dodd family. 

“We chose to induce on the perfect day, divine intervention. If I was still pregnant today I would have gotten very sick. Only another day or two. Delivering is the only treatment for HELLP and since I already did yesterday my body functions tanked today but should start recovering soon, I hope,” Danielle explained. 

“She (doc) said the body response lags behind 12-24 hours which is why we see numbers tanking the day after. He is a happy and healthy boy and we can’t wait to bring him home to meet his sister. Olivia is having a blast at home with her grandparents and has no clue that things are about to change! They are exactly 22 months apart and we cannot wait to watch them grow up together!”

He’s excited to meet his sister Olivia


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Although he came early, little Robert is happy and healthy with his new parents. The MAFS parents are excited to introduce their new son to his older sister.

Olivia has been enjoying her time with her grandparents and has no idea how much her world is about to change.

The siblings are exactly 22 months apart and the couple is excited to watch their little ones grow up together.

MAFS alum such as Doctor Viviana, Elizabeth Bice, and Taylor Dunkin showered the new mom’s comments with love.

Fellow MAFS alum shared their excitement for the new baby in the franchise. Pic Credit: @_daniellenicole_/Instagram

Do you think Baby Dodd looks more like his mother or father?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres Wednesday, January 13, at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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