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MAFS Couples Cam exclusive: Is Deonna milking her bed rest a bit too much?

Deonna and Greg have been documenting their first pregnancy on this season of Married at First Sight Couples Cam, and lately, it looks both of them are just ready for the baby to come as soon as possible.

In the latest sneak peek shared exclusively with Monsters & Critics, we even got to see just how doting of a husband Greg is, even when he probably wishes he could get a break.

Deonna has been put on bed rest at this point, and it’s pretty obvious that she’s milking it for all it is worth. In fact, we’re kind of surprised that she doesn’t have a bell to ring for Greg when she needs him to bring her a new drink or snack.

Greg goes the extra mile for his pregnant wife

In the new clip, you can hear Deonna calling for Greg over and over. When he does make it to his wife’s bedside, she asks, “Can you fill up my water bottle for me, please?”

Greg was happy to help out, though he looked like he was dragging, likely tired and just ready for this nine-month journey to be over.

Deonna explained that she was taking a break and allowing Greg to help out some while she relaxes. But when Greg asks how long this “bed rest thing” will last, he wasn’t pleased to learn that she planned to let him help her out for a few days.

It sounds like this relaxation mode that Deonna is in the middle of might be self-imposed and not necessarily doctor ordered.

Soon after, Deonna was calling again. This time, she was having a sweet tooth and wanted her loving husband to get her some snacks.

Again, Greg looked tired but he happily delivered a plate of treats to Deonna, who was more than pleased.

In the confessional, Greg spoke about the new bed rest situation. He said, “I know that the pregnancy is taking a toll on Deonna, and I don’t mind helping her out during this time, but I can definitely see how this bed rest thing can get out of hand.”

Deonna and Greg welcomed a son

As Married at First Sight fans probably know, Couples Cam is not filmed in real-time, so we’re watching the end of Deonna’s pregnancy play out right now. She actually gave birth on February 27 to a little boy that they named Declan.

Deonna and Greg on Married at First Sight Couples Cam
Deonna and Greg are expecting but while on bed rest, she might be expecting a bit too much. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Couples Cam airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.