MAFS: Chris William’s drops bombshells during a live counseling session with Love McPherson

Chris Williams sits across from Love McPherson in live counseling session
MAFS Chris Williams participates in live counseling session with Love McPherson. Chris Williams II/YouTube

On June 23, MAFS Season 12 bad boy Chris Williams released a live stream counseling session with famed relationship expert Love McPherson.

At its peak 400 plus fans(and critics) tuned into Chris’s Youtube channel to watch the live counseling session, hoping Chris would reveal additional information(or maybe drama) regarding the show.

True to form, Chris did not disappoint and dropped some serious bombshells. Here are just a few of the shocking revelations Chris made.

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Chris claims he never applied for the show… he states producers reached out to him directly

Chris dropped a bombshell that he was the one reached out to by the show, and not the other way around. Chris stated one of the producers of the show had reached out to him directly and that Chris himself had never reached out or applied for the show.

Chris said he thought they had reached out to him because he was the youngest Subway owner in the Atlanta area, which doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense as to why they would want him for a marriage show, solely based on that credential.

But Chris went on to explain that had not initially realized the show, Married At First Sight, was in fact a show about marriage upon first sight. Chris said he thought the initial offer was for a different kind of show, but upon realizing, in fact, the show was about marrying someone at first sight, as the name would imply, he then decided to “take a chance” on it.

Chris admitted he had never even seen the show before agreeing to do it and had to ask friends who had seen it what it was about.

Chris admits he and his ex-fiancee Mercedes were living together when he signed up for the show

Fans, the experts, and Chris’s then-wife Paige herself, all questioned Chris and his ex’s timeline. Could it be possible that Chris had signed up for the show while he was still living with his ex? The answer is yes.

Chris admitted to Love McPherson that due to COVID-19, he and Mercedes were “forced” to continue living together. Chris stated that both he and Mercedes tested positive for COVID-19 and were unable to continue with the breakup and separation due to the quarantine.

He admitted the show’s producers and casting were unaware of the fact that he had been sick or that he was still living with his ex-fiancee when he began talks with them about being on the show.

Chris’s vague timeline regarding his relationship with his ex had been an ongoing issue that had caused many fans and experts alike, to feel that Paige and Chris were doomed from the start. While it is nice to have some closure around that question, although I doubt it is the answer anyone really wanted to hear.

Chris admitted he should have taken more time between his relationships and feels his mental health contributed to that issue

In the session with relationship expert Love McPherson, Chris finally admitted that he should have taken more time between his relationships. Chris went on to say that he suffered from a coping mechanism called “Suppression,” which caused him to be able to bury his feelings and jump into something else right away without dealing with the emotions from past experiences.

Chris stated it was something he often did and went on to say he suffered from anxiety and had been diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and medicated with the anti-anxiety medications Xanax and Wellbutrin, while he was in the military. Chris also mentioned he had PTSD from his childhood and that contributed to the suppression of his emotions and having what he called “trauma responses” and outbursts throughout the show.

Chris stated that he knew he should have taken more time after his breakup with his ex-fianceé Mercedes before agreeing to being on the show and entering a new marriage. Chris said it is information he will take with him moving forward, and I think we all sincerely hope so.

Chris felt that the producers had lied to him in order to “trick him” into being on the show

Chris stated that when he saw Paige at the wedding, that he felt that the producers had lied “to get him in there” and be on the show, and was more frustrated at production than he was with Paige.

Chris claimed the producers assured him he was only going to be matched with a girl who was a “9 or 10” and when he felt that was not the case, he was frustrated. So he once again basically called Paige ugly, he went on to say she was not what he was promised and was not a “9 or 10.” Way to keep it classy, Chris.

Love discussed with Chris how many in the African American community felt that Chris’s comments, especially the statement about Paige having an unattractive face, felt racially motivated, an offset of racial stereotypes of African American beauty standards. Chris denied this claim vehemently, stating several of his exes were “as dark as Paige.”

Chris went on to say that, off-camera, Paige had told him that she wasn’t attracted to him either and that she preferred “more muscular” men. Love confronted Chris, asking if that were the case, then why did Paige seem so upset when he had told her the news that he was not physically attracted to her, or that his ex was pregnant. Chris said he didn’t know and felt the producers had left things out and had made him “look like a dog.”

Chris even went on to say that other members of the couples and crew were given “cue cards” with directions and specific things to say, in order to intentionally provoke him and make him look like a bad guy.

Chris stated that he quit the show three times

Chris stated that he attempted to quit the show on three different occasions. He claims he tried to quit the first day of the honeymoon, upon returning from Vegas and again after the episode of him playing pool with Paige. Chris claimed that the production team had threatened him with a breach of contract, forcing him to return to the show against his will.

He continued, saying that after he had quit and left the show after Vegas, that Paige continued to reach out to him, as opposed to the other way around. Chris stated he had no idea that Paige was telling people something different and said that he felt he clearly communicated to her that he was not physically attracted to her and the marriage was hopeless.

This seems an odd statement as Chris had been the one to whisper to Paige on camera, that his biggest fear was that he was going to “fall in love with her.” Chris stated in the counseling session that this had simply been an “inside joke” between him and Paige. Although Chris’s statement also feels hard to believe due to his prolonged attempts to try to convince Paige not to divorce him on Decision Day and the ongoing reports of Chris keeping tabs on Paige, even past Decision Day.

True to form Chris Williams surprised fans and experts alike with his shocking claims and revelations. Chris truly continues to remain a man of mystery as he gives more and more statements and interviews that all seem to contradict each other, causing fans and experts alike to wonder: what exactly is going on, with Chris Williams and will we ever, get to the truth?

The counseling session aired live on YouTube on Wednesday night. It’s not clear why a copy is no longer available to view or if it will be returning so that more Married at First Sight viewers can see what Chris Williams had to say.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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