MAFS: Chris Williams deletes his social media

Chris Williams poses for picture at his wedding
Chris Williams on his MAFS wedding day Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 12’s “bad boy” Chris Williams, is making headlines once again. But this time it’s not because of what he’s posting to his social media, but by what he’s not posting; which is anything at all. Chris Williams has deleted his Instagram.

Chris Williams gets off social media

That’s a wrap for Chris Williams, or for his social media anyway. The MAFS Season 12 cast member has disappeared from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, without even so much as a goodbye.

Without explanation, Chris deleted his accounts and left the world of social media, at least as far as we can tell.

While it does seem abrupt, it does not come as a complete shock. Chris has been known to make some questionable PR choices on his social media, choices that have caused all kinds of drama, even long after his season had finished airing and the new season had begun.

Chris Williams and social media do not mix

There are just some things that do not go together, oil and water, bathtubs and toasters and Chris Williams, and social media. Season 12’s “problem child” has been known to use his social media to create all the drama (not to mention a constant headache for his publicist.)

A few months ago, Chris demonstrated his uncanny ability to use his social media platforms to create an uproar, when he unveiled via Youtube, a session he had had with Love McPherson, a well-known relationship expert.

The segment did not go as planned, as Chris dropped bombshell after bombshell, everything from admitting he was still living with his ex-fiance when he agreed to be on MAFS to blaming the show’s producers for making him look like the “bad guy.”

Chris immediately took the video down, and while there was no further explanation as to why we can only assume it was due to the PR nightmare it had created during its airing.

Following that incident, Chris recently posted a legal document to his Instagram, that turned out to be his and Paige Banks’ unsigned divorce decree. In the comments, he revealed that they were still legally married. Chris immediately took the post down but many were able to screenshot it before it was removed and it caused quite a stir.

Chris has also used his social media as a platform to fire off at his costars, the show’s producers and even the show’s relationship experts that matched him.

Chris’s list of grievances was so long, his social media could barely contain it. But it seems the trouble his soapbox caused eventually outweighed whatever benefits it afforded Chris.

While we don’t yet know the reason that Chris has disappeared from social media, we feel sure we haven’t heard the last from the MAFS Season 12 “bad boy,” Chris Williams.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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