MAFS Season 13’s Bao and Johnny: Is it lust or love?

MAFS Johnny on top of a blindfolded Bao
MAFS Johnny and Bao heat things up in the bedroom Pic credit: Lifetime

Things between Bao and Johnny Lam have been heating up, but fans and experts can’t help but wonder if the two’s recent passion is the flames of love or lust.

Bao and Johnny take things to the next level

Blindfolds and bathrobes and dirty dice–oh my! Bao and Johnny have certainly been spicing things up in the bedroom. The couple was given an intimacy exercise by the show’s relationship experts, and the exercise was so successful, Bao and Johnny decided to take it to the next level with some of their own!

Last week found the pair donning bathrobes and popping champagne, this week had them blindfolded and rolling naughty dice. The couple even got so swept up in the game that they seemed to forget they were on camera, as Johnny climbed on top of Bao and began passionately kissing her.

Could Bao and Johnny be moving too fast?

While Bao and Johnny seem to be enjoying their newfound chemistry, fans and experts wonder if they could be moving too fast. Many are wondering if Bao and Johnny could be using physical intimacy to cover up for other issues in their relationship.

While Bao and Johnny started off as the couple predicted by us and others as Most Likely to Succeed, the two hit a rocky patch as early as the honeymoon. Between Johnny’s cleanliness standards and Bao’s snoring sensitivity, the two began having a hard time making a connection. Johnny even began questioning his marriage to Bao on the honeymoon.

Once the two got back to their shared apartment in Houston, Johnny informed Bao he would not be spending the night at the apartment and would instead be going back to his home. Johnny told her that he needed to be in his own space and take a little bit of a reset.

He returned the next day with a peace offering dinner but the calm atmosphere in the apartment didn’t last long. In the couple’s therapy session with Pastor Cal, Johnny admitted he did not find some of Bao’s mannerisms attractive and he was having a hard time getting past that and initiating intimacy.

To help give Bao and Johnny’s love life a boost, the experts provided them with intimacy exercises and the two took to them with gusto.

But were they a little too eager to put aside their other differences for their chemistry in the bedroom?

Fans took to social media to weigh in on the couple’s roller coaster of highs and lows.

Fans bring up an interesting point. Johnny has repeatedly told Bao he is not feeling a spark and that if they were just dating, he would have already reached the point where he would normally break it off with her. Then as if overnight, Bao and Johnny can’t seem to keep their hands off each other.

Could the two be overcompensating for the other aspects of their relationship? The trailer for next week’s episode certainly makes it seem like that might be a strong possibility.

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