MAFS: Are the illicit conversations between Johnny and Bao’s friend Sarah just another excuse?

MAFS Bao looks upset.
Bao hits her breaking point on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Season 13 Johnny Lam definitely has a flair for the dramatic reveals and Wednesday night’s episode was no exception.

Johnny admitted he had been having secret conversations with his wife Bao’s friend Sarah, and that he had not liked what he had found out.

Johnny admitted talking to Bao’s friend Sarah, behind Bao’s back. And apparently, Sarah spilled all the tea on Bao, and then some.

But if Johnny felt that his revelation of conversations with Bao’s friend Sarah would turn the tides on fans’ opinions of him, he was mistaken.

MAFS fan’s opinions of Johnny is at an all time low

After Johnny revealed during a tell-all session with Bao and Dr. Pepper, that he had been having secret conversations with Bao’s friend Sarah, viewers took to social media to fire at Johnny.

Many fans felt that Johnny was continuing to self-sabotage the marriage and find any reason he could to justify walking away.

Johnny had further revealed during the meeting that Bao’s friend Sarah told him that she was not surprised he was feeling the way he was feeling about Bao as many of her exes had felt the same way.

Johnny went on to say that Sarah had told him that she herself would never date Bao and would never let any of her friends date her. She said that Bao had a tendency in relationships to break people down, make them dependent on her, and then build them back up to fit her mold. Wow, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, huh Bao?

But regardless of the accusations made by Johnny and Sarah, viewers just weren’t buying it.

Is there a reason Johnny kept the conversations secret?

While the couple started off with high hopes, the two’s relationship seemed to deteriorate a little more each week as each new episode brought a new problem.

And that fact has not been lost on fans who feel like the problems, are coming from inside Johnny’s head.

Viewers have even gone so far as to call Johnny toxic in his treatment of Bao. Many feel that Johnny is just looking for validation to walk away from the marriage and that he has been trying to do this for weeks.

Fans are also questioning why Johnny would go behind Bao’s back to speak to her friend and why he would not address the accusations with her before revealing them to Dr. Pepper. Could there be a reason he was keeping the conversations a secret?

Johnny did say that there were times he wished he’d been matched with “literally anyone else” could that someone else be Bao’s friend Sarah? Fans are definitely wondering if there might be something more to the secret conversations.

We won’t lie, Johnny’s big reveal gave us Season 10 Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice vibes, where Zach revealed he had been having conversations with Mindy’s best friend, Lindsay, behind her back.

He had also claimed to have received information about Mindy and her ex’s from Mindy’s friend who was “worried about Zach.” But in the end, it came to light that Zach and Lindsay’s friendship was a little too friendly and the two had been romantic.

Could that be the situation with Johnny and Sarah? There are definitely a lot of similarities, including the secrecy of the conversations.

With only one episode left before Decision Day, it will be interesting to see what other secrets come to light and if there might be more to the Johnny and Sarah scandal than what we already know.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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