MAFS: Amelia Fatsi enjoys trip with ‘mystery man’ Alexander Bayer and fans’ approve of the pair  

Amelia Fatsi
Amelia Fatsi snuggles up to a mystery man in recent photos. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 11 star Amelia Fatsi appears to be moving on after her divorce from Bennett Kirschner. 

The eccentric medical doctor continues to enjoy adventure and travel. Her recent post got viewers talking as the photos featured her snuggled up with a man named Alexander Bayer. 

After Amelia spent time with Alexander in Hawaii, here’s what fans had to say. 

MAFS fans comment on the ‘hunky’ man in Amelia Fatsi’s photos

Amelia Fatsi is not the most active social media user within the Married at First Sight franchise. Still, her latest post appears to have given followers a potential glimpse into her love life. 

Amelia took to Instagram to share photos from her trip to Hawaii. While most of the images highlighted the gorgeous locations she visited, some photos featured Amelia with a man that she tagged in the photos as Alexander Bayer.

The first photo, in particular, had Amelia’s fans swooning as Amelia and Alexander embraced against the gorgeous backdrop of the sea, trees, and sky. 

Amelia captioned the post, “Hawaii was luxurious. The airplane wing broke midair, the wheel of our van fell off and rolled away while we were driving, the car had to be jumped and towed out of a sandpit. But we got to hike, fly, dive, saw lots of rainbows, were rescued by many good samaritans, and got tons of airplane coupons, so net great trip!”

Amelia’s fans were thrilled that Alexander might be the MAFS star’s new significant other. 

One comment read, “Hot damn your man is good looking. He looks kinda like Jason Momoa.” 

Amelia Fatsi's comment section
Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

Another follower wrote, “Looks like a crazy but fun trip and you have a hunky guy to enjoy your trip with.” 

A commenter encouragingly wrote, “He’s cute boo!” 

One Instagram user compared Alexander to Tarzan, writing, “Amelia ❤️ Tarzan.” 

Another commenter noted, “What a great looking couple! Living life, that’s what it’s there for!” 

Amelia Fatsi's comment section
Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

Who is Alexander Bayer? 

Alexander Bayer appears to be a free spirit with a passion for travel and the arts, similar to Amelia. 

On his Instagram, Alexander shares photos from his travels and spending time with his family, and he has a couple of pictures from his outings with Amelia. 

Alexander referenced yoga and music in his Instagram bio, and Amelia even shared a video of the two doing couples’ yoga together.

While it doesn’t appear that Amelia has officially announced Alexander as her boyfriend or what exact title he holds, she seems to be very happy with him as the two enjoy their trips together. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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11 months ago

She picked a winner…looks really happy