MAFS Amelia Fatsi bombarded with questions about Bennett after return to social media

MAFS Amelia smiles
MAFS Amelia faces questions about Bennett. Pic credit: Lifetime

Amelia Fatsi had gone radio silent for the past few weeks, but it seems she’s tuning back in as she posted to social media for the first time in a long time. And as soon as her post went up, the fan comments started rolling in.

Fans demand to know about Bennett

Today Amelia returned to the world of social media after weeks off the radar.

Following rumors of a split between her and MAFS husband Bennet Kirschner, Amelia fell silent, as did Bennett even in the face of ongoing questions around his and Amelia’s relationship.

It seemed everyone wanted to know if divorce rumors around the Season 11 fan favorites were true, but no answers were forthcoming as the two remained silent on the issue and no divorce announcement was ever made.

No mention of Bennett has been made by Amelia in months. In fact, none of Amelia’s social media posts have featured her MAFS hubby Bennett, since December.

But if fans were hoping her newest post would provide some answers to their burning questions, they would be sadly disappointed as Amelia’s post was all about her booming new business with no mention of Bennett.

But fans weren’t ready to give up just yet as the comments section of her post, blew up with questions about her relationship.

MAFS fans ask Amelia questions about her relationship
Pic credit:@ameliafatsi/Instagram

But once again Amelia’s lips were sealed and there was no response to any of the fan’s incessant questions.

Some fans were not surprised by the rumors

While Amelia and Bennett may have been a match made in quirky habits heaven, some fans had lingering questions about the sustainability of the couple following a bombshell statement made by Amelia.

Amelia admitted that she had not actually been ready for marriage and that she had only gone on MAFS because she thought it would “be cool to be on a reality show.A statement that doesn’t exactly bode well in terms of a long-term commitment.

Amelia and Bennett seemed to hit it off immediately, as they both marched to the beat of a very different drummer. They got along well, their families seemed to mesh and it looked like smooth sailing for the Season 11 couple. There was the slight hiccup of Amelia’s medical residency which would take her to Virginia, but the two seemed to reach an easy compromise on the issue.

Still, many worried that after the cameras left, Amelia might not find marriage as “cool” without the reality show component. And it seems like those fans’ predictions may have been right all along.

But it seems we will all just have to wait on the final verdict of Amelia and Bennett’s relationship status because even if Amelia knows, she’s not talking.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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