MAFS: Amelia admits she wasn’t ready to get married, ‘thought it would be fun to be on a reality show’

Bennett and Amelia have been stuck in the honeymoon phase till now. Pic Credit: Lifetime

Amelia and Bennett have been one of our favorite couples this season. From Amelia walking down the aisle with a bird in her hair to Bennett’s nightgowns, viewers agreed the experts pretty much nailed this match.

The director and the medical student were the first couple in MAFS to have met before the wedding, and decided to give it a shot due to the initial attraction being there. The couple was unapologetically themselves with each other and viewers loved watching them continue to connect over the experiment.

While other brides complained about their husband’s cramped living spaces, Bennett had a tiny home he personally made. Instead of finding his tiny house cramped, his new wife found it creative and unique.

They were stuck in the honeymoon phase

Amelia and Bennett hardly argued, and their largest hurdle seemed to be Amelia’s upcoming medical residency that would force her to move out of New Orleans.

Even with that conflict in their relationship, Bennett decided to keep trying. He gracefully agreed to split his time in Virginia with his new wife.

Due to the COVID-19, production has halted and decision day pushed back. For the first time in MAFS history, the experiment has been extended from the traditional 8 weeks to a whopping four months.

Not only were the newlyweds forced to work out normal marriage issues, but the pandemic added the obstacle of a stay at home order.

Amelia is showing some red flags


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In a teaser clip for the next episode, Amelia reveals her true intention for appearing in the social experiment.

Amelia asks Bennett was he’s thought about being married to her the last couple of weeks.

Bennett admits it’s been a wild experience. Amelia agrees, and admits being in a marriage wasn’t her biggest motivation for being on the show.

She reveals that she didn’t think she was ready for marriage, but she thought it would be fun to be on a reality show.

Bennett has been confronted with the fact that Amelia solely appeared in the experiment for ‘a crazy new experience,’ which has made him wonder if his wife will be the same person once the cameras leave.

MAFS alum Jaime Otis came to Amelia’s defense, saying, “I think she thought being on a reality show would be cool but I def think she was ready for marriage as well. And if not, she certainly seems to be now.? I see no red flags. Just a woman who is more honest than most!?”

Should Bennett see this as a major red flag?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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