Bennett Kirschner maintains silence as MAFS fans grill him about rumored split from Amelia Fatsi

MAFS star Bennett Kirschner
Bennett Kirschner makes no comment on the divorce speculations. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 11 introduced some all-time favorite couples. Along with breakout stars, Woody and Amani, fans adored the lovably eccentric couple, Bennett and Amelia. 

Thanks to these two couples along with Miles and Karen, the New Orleans season appeared to have one of the highest couple success rates. However, that might have changed with recent rumors.

There has been plenty of speculation surrounding the status of Bennett and Amelia’s relationship, and many believe the quirky couple has divorced.

Their alleged divorce has not been officially confirmed, but fans still voiced their curiosity and suspicions in full force on Bennett’s latest social media post. 

Bennett Kirschner dodges the influx of questions 

Bennett recently shared a photo from his travels in New York. In the humorous and racy picture, Bennett gives a wide smile while standing in front of what appears to be a large risqué advertisement. 

Bennett captioned the photo with the classic “I heart NY!” phrase and clearly seemed to want to keep his post happy and lighthearted, but fans had other plans and used the post to bombard him with thoughts and questions about the divorce rumors. 

One of Bennett’s followers matter-of-factly wrote that Bennett and Amelia are not together, despite the fact both Bennett and Amelia have not made an official statement about the status of their relationship. The follower expressed being happy that Bennett is still enjoying life even if he is allegedly a divorcee. 

Instagram comment regarding Bennett's divorce rumors
A commenter feels certain about Bennett and Amelia’s alleged split. Pic credit: @bennett_here/Instagram

Fans have been torn on the validity of the rumored split since Bennett and Amelia have neither confirmed nor denied the allegation publicly. One commenter expressed feeling perplexed by the situation and clearly felt eager to get an answer on whether the beloved couple is together or not. 

Instagram comment about a fan's confusion regarding Bennett's split
A fan gets confused by all the speculations floating around. Pic credit: @bennett_here/Instagram

Some followers came to Bennett’s defense after seeing the outpouring of divorce commentary on the post.

One fan commented, “Breakups are painful enough without having to deal with folks filling his comments about it.” 

Instagram comment about people sticking their nose in Bennett's business
A fan calls out the nosy comments on Bennett’s post. Pic credit: @bennett_here/Instagram

However, despite the avalanche of comments, Bennett chose not to respond and has continued to refrain from making any telling remarks on his marriage. Bennett’s silence may indicate that fans are not get a definitive answer from him anytime soon.

Married at First Sight cast members get picked apart on social media 

The overwhelming response to Bennett’s post speaks to an issue that many MAFS cast members have been vocal about, which is people on social media continuing to pry into cast members’ personal lives after the show.

MAFS Season 12 star, Virginia Coombs, recently used her platform to explain the difficult toll social media took on her. Virginia’s fellow feuding costar, Jacob Harder, also advised the MAFS season 13 cast to avoid social media because it can be particularly harsh and nosy. 

While Bennett wasn’t as polarizing as Virginia and Jake, he serves as an example of how even the beloved cast members deal with prying because of how much fans are rooting for their marriages to succeed. 

Bennett’s drama-free reputation makes it unsurprising that he chose not to engage in all the comments, rumors, and speculations under his post and hopefully he’s happy regardless of his relationship status. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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