Jacob Harder responds to MAFS drama after claims made by Virginia Coombs

MAFS Jacob Harder looks concerned
The cast of MAFS Season 12 can’t seem to catch a break Pic credit: Lifetime

The drama continues for the Married At First Sight crew. Even with Married At First Sight Season 13’s premiere just around the corner, it seems like the Season 12 cast isn’t quite ready to turn over the spotlight.

With two couples from the season announcing their divorce this month, the Season 12 group has definitely fought to hold our attention. Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake started off the month by filing for divorce, followed by Clara and Ryan Oubre announcing their own plans for divorce this week.

Virginia fires at Jacob in the comments of his IG Live

Now the drama continues as last night, Married At First Sight Season 12 alum Jacob Harder took some time to answer fans’ questions about his MAFS experience during an Instagram Live session. During the session, Virginia Coombs joined the group by coming in very hot with the comments as Jacob mentioned he and Haley’s disappointing lack of intimacy and connection.

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Virginia accused Jacob of being dishonest about the nature of his relationship with Haley off-camera and diving into some very personal details around their sex life.

Virginia made multiple comments through the duration of the Instagram Live and even threatened to reveal additional information she knew about the couple if Jacob did not “watch his mouth.” Virginia’s comments grew in intensity, as did her use of expletives, and caused several fans, including Jacob, to question her sobriety during the time of writing them.

Jacob responds to IG Live incident with a video saying he’s ‘not interested in the drama’

Jacob responded to all the comments by posting a video today saying that he was “not interested in the drama” and just “wanted to clear the air.” He went on to say that it was common knowledge that Married At First Sight Season 12 was the worst season and that he did not want to keep a bad experience going any longer by playing into the drama. He explains he was simply responding to the questions asked by fans on his IG Live and responding about his own experience on the show, which by his account was not a positive one, saying that he had been repeatedly “humiliated on national tv.”

In the video, Jacob goes on to say that he felt Virginia was acting “as a proxy” for Haley, by firing off the comments and also states that by the way Virginia was typing, it did not seem like “she was in a good place to be discussing anything.” Many fans took this as an implication that he felt Virginia had in fact been drinking when she posted the comments.

Given Virginia’s party girl lifestyle and the ongoing accusations that she had a problem with alcohol, many fans actually agreed with Jacob on this point.

Virginia fires back to Jacob’s video

In response to the accusations and conflict over her comments, Virginia posted the following message to her Instagram story today.

Virginia accuses Jacob of continuously lying about the situation between him and Haley and continues to defend her sobriety during the original comments.

Virginia responds to Jacob's video
Virginia fires back at Jacob in response to his video Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

The drama began with Virginia’s comments on Jacob’s IG Live

Are you a little confused? So were we, so let’s go back and take a look at the comments that started it all.

Virginia joins the IG live and right away starts coming at Jacob hard. Virginia accuses him of telling Haley “creepy” things that had upset all the ladies of the cast. She goes on to explain what some of those things were in her next comment.

Virginia joins Jacob's IG live and begins commenting
Virginia joins Jacob’s IG live and starts commenting Pic credit: @meet_virg_/Instagram

Well if the gloves weren’t off in the last post, they certainly were by this post. Virginia accuses Jacob of begging Haley for sex. Is it just us or is it getting extremely awkward in here…?

Virginia accuses Jacob of begging Haley for sex
Virginia accuses Jacob of begging Haley for sex Pic credit: @areamon30096/Instagram

Virginia then takes yet another turn towards the dramatic by saying if Jacob does not stop talking about her friend that she will release “receipts” and behind the scenes information about him.

The drama continues on Jacob's IG live
The drama continues on Jacob’s IG live Pic credit: @reaman30096/Instagram

Immediately fans begin commenting around Virginia’s sobriety which was an ongoing issue for both her then-husband Erik Lake, and fellow cast members throughout the show’s 12th season. Virginia then makes a harsh comment about Jacob and Haley’s sex life, implying Jacob’s umm..shall we say..endowment or lack thereof, was the cause of the couple’s downfall. Low blow Virginia, low blow.

Virginia insults Jacob and Haley's sex life
Virginia shoots Jacob a low blow Pic credit: @reaman30096/Instagram

Virginia finishes off her attack by responding to fan’s comments about her sobriety and immature behavior by stating she is “Sober” and still on her vacation with her family.

Virginia's final comment on Jacob's IG live
Virginia’s final comment on Jacob’s IG live Pic credit: @areaman30966/Instagram

Wow. It’s certainly a lot to keep up with and oh the drama of it all!

With Jacob’s parting video stating that he is not interested in the drama, hopefully, this will be the end of the Season 12 cast members’ feud. Though, with all the surprises and upheavals we have come to expect from them so far, we are not sure that is even possible for this crew.

On the brighter side, with the Season 13 premiere just around the corner, perhaps the group will quiet down and let the new cast members have their time in the spotlight. We certainly hope so.

Married at First Sight Season 13 premieres on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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7 months ago

That’s why she got a divorce. She just couldn’t stay stable.