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MAFS alum Sonia Granados comes to Chris Collette’s defense

Chris Collette
Chris Collette receives support from Sonia Granados. Pic credit: Lifetime

Many MAFS viewers have sung Chris Collette’s praises for how he has handled himself in his challenging marriage to Alyssa Ellman, including some Married at First Sight alumni.

Recently, Married at First Sight Season 4 star Sonia Granados weighed in with her thoughts on Chris Collette and had nothing but positive things to say. 

Sonia Granados compliments Chris Collette’s communication skills 

Chris Collette and Married at First Sight viewers have called Alyssa Ellman out for being mean-spirited and gaslighting. 

Alyssa’s unwillingness to communicate with Chris has left him in the dark and wondering what he’s doing wrong, but Sonia Granados expressed feeling that Chris is completely in the right in his marriage. 

Sonia took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Chris, writing, “Chris is absolutely and unequivocally right and he’s acted and communicated in such a great way.” 

Sonia Granados tweet
Pic credit: @sonia_mafs/Twitter

As one of the few who fully understands the ups and downs of the Married at First Sight process, Sonia appears to feel that Chris has been exceptionally upstanding amidst his marital challenges. 

Chris has exhibited an abundance of patience with Alyssa thus far and his co-star Lindsey Georgoulis even suggested that Chris has shown Alyssa more compassion than she deserves. 

Chris Collette says Alyssa Ellman hasn’t admitted her lack of physical attraction to him 

It seems apparent to both Chris, his costars, and Married at First Sight viewers that Alyssa is not attracted to Chris, however, Alyssa has refused to outright admit that. 

In the recent episode of Married at First Sight Afterparty, Chris revealed behind-the-scenes drama with Alyssa and also gave more details about the issue of attraction between the couple. 

Chris shared that he felt Alyssa wasn’t attracted to him as soon as their wedding day but that she never directly admitted it and still has not fessed up about her lack of attraction to this day. 

In the past when Alyssa was asked about her attraction to Chris, Alyssa simply said that he was not her type physically. 

Chris acknowledged that he can handle not being Alyssa’s type and that the bigger issue is that she never communicated that clearly with him which left him in limbo and unsure if attraction could grow or if there was no hope in that area. 

While Alyssa seems to want nothing to do with Chris and is disinterested in direct communication, Chris certainly has lots of supporters in his corner who think he’s doing a great job communicating, including Sonia Granados. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. I feel bad for Chris on MAFS.I would run as fast as I can to get away from that crazy person. What gets me is they sign up for this then act the way they do. Allysa made a comment about she better not look bad on TV well honey you did it to yourself. She also stated she hated him she does not even know him to hate him. How immature was that.

    • I couldn’t agree more with everything being said here. How close can she be with the other ladies only knowing them a week or two that she can’t bare to give them and this “experience” up? She talks about them like they’ve been her forever friends lol does she not get the concept of this at all? Honey…you are not there to make new friends!! Poor Chris never had a chance. What is an awesome man he is! What a catch for a sincere woman that isn’t coming off as physco!!

      • I agree with what you have said about this whole situation
        and she keeps saying she’s a – – – -ing nice person. Are you kidding me you don’t treat people like that and think you are a nice person. She needs to get over herself and just admit she wants a DIVORCE and let Chris, who comes off a a nice caring patient person, get on with his life. There is the right lady out there for Chris and I pray he finds his perfect match!!!

  2. She’s an idiot you go on a show knowing you do not have any input on the guy they are going to choose for you when it come to looks so now you just want ppl to think you not a bad person just tell him the truth and cut him loose geez

  3. Alyssa wants nothing to do with Chris, I don’t know why she went on the honeymoon… doesn’t she have a clue you’re supposed to be WITH your husband?? Why are the producers letting her whine, cry and make herself out to be a total crack pot? Chris… please RUN away from her and cut your losses. She should be cut from the show and sent home. Dr. Pepper, get in there and send her packing!!

  4. I can’t stand her. She says she’s there for the experience but the only thing she wants to experience is the beach, free food , free drinks and trips. Chris deserves better.

  5. I feel that Chris need to move on I see that he is putting more in and trying to make it work she make up every excuse and always making it about her she has not given him an inch of a chance mind you she is not so attractive her self sorry but that is how I feel I am suprised that she even got on the show the way she is acting it is truly a waste of Chris time .. Chris deserves so much more than that because I see he is trying to make it work .But she do not see that because she donot like the man. If I was Chris I would have left a long time ago.

  6. It’s clear that Chris married a bad person. Anyone who goes around confessing how good of a person they are is really a person who’s not sure of themselves. She was a brat and VERY shallow.

  7. Chris you should throw in the towel
    Alyssa is a Bully and that behavior is NEVER acceptable
    The producers step in and stop this before something bad happens
    Mental health is at stake here and the struggle is real
    Alyssa has demons that have not been dealt with in her past And the experts should be able to see het issues are for more serious than her not being attracted to Chris

  8. She is so mean to him he deserves another chance in this why did she even sign paper to get married and at alter she should have walk of be for say I do 🤦


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